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Have extra space? Need a helping hand? We let you host friendly and worldly volunteers for free.

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avalanture: an avalanche of adventures

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Volunteers are eager to learn something new while sharing their own skills with you.

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Receive applications from hand-picked volunteers, who care about your project. HOSTING IS FREE.

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Cultural diversity is guaranteed as you welcome volunteers from a variety of backgrounds.

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Helping Hands = Room and Board

Avalanturers are hand-selected volunteers who bring their skills to hosts around the world. In a work exchange situation, they can expect a place to sleep and three meals a day, in return for 4-6 hours of work. As volunteers for a cause they care about, arrangements may vary.

More than a way to do some good, Avalanture lets you discover the world in all its facets - languages, cultures and friendships.

Hosts can be farmers, small businesses, volunteer organizations, language schools or simply families who would like to host and need a helping hand in the garden or kitchen.

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