We need volunteers

Nairobi, Kenya for two weeks +
Volunteer Kenya in a slum school located at dagorreti corner Nairobi. This school serves , foster children and local village children. The school has about 30 students, and the project is expanding each year. The children are ages 5yrs-13yrs and provided free education at a children’s center. Our volunteers support the local teachers with English and math classes; encourage students to learn and play and instill pride in their schooling. Volunteers can assist with the physical upkeep of the school; painting, decorating, mending desks etc. Prior teaching experience is not required; volunteer simply need an open mind, caring spirit and a compassionate nature.
Nairobi, Kenya
two weeks +

sairoong project

Select One, ??? for 7 days +
the nice place on the mountain located at the north east of Thailand. surround with small foreset. We have many activities for volunteers 1. plant the organic vegetables 2. teaching the kids at the school. 3. build the earthen house for volunteers 4. nanny for the small kids at the kindergarten ( volunteers can select one or two activities)
Select One, ???
7 days +

Volunteer/ Travel Responsibly

Nakuru, Kenya for 1 week--3months-years if wish +
If anyone is looking for a unique Kenyan experience, volunteering is a great way to have the best possible time. Bliss aims to provide an opportunity to everyone who wants to perform volunteer work in Kenya. Bliss will assist a team or an individual in setting more relevant and realistic expectations and plans. May it be in childcare, healthcare, teaching, wildlife conservation and more. Transparency and proper communication will be offered to ensure your time and skills are greatly utilized over a range of different focuses. Volunteering is free, Bliss will offer the best opportunities, advice and travel information to volunteers. Bliss brings people together i.e. community, volunteers and travelers Bliss will ensure you make the right decisions in areas where you wish to volunteer. Bliss is the key to a great VOLUNTEER experience. www.bwcp.org
Nakuru, Kenya
1 week--3months-years if wish +

Looking to volunteer in a sustainable agricultural

Phoenixville, Usa for +
Volunteers are invited to live and work in our community while receiving room, board, and may include a monthly stipend. Work options include maintaining family households, participating in one of our craft workshops (weavery, pottery, mosaic workshop, and fiber arts), helping in our organic bakery or cafe, or tending our bio-dynamic gardens, orchard and dairy farm. The village fosters a strong cultural life of festivals, music, and art and is located one hour west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the eastern United States.
Phoenixville, Usa
no minimum stay

Volunteer Opportunity In Cameroon (Mbengwi)

Bamenda, Cameroon for Two weeks +
The NJIMETU FARMERS ORGANISATION (njifao) is a non-profit making organization.This organazation has as objective to; Promote economic and social welfare ot villagers and participate in improving living conditions by reducing unemployment and promoting income generating activities.Our activities are; -Agriculture -Animal Farming -Enviromental Protection -Training On Capasity Builing -Education -Ecotourism -Arts And Craft -Ophanage Just to name a few.
Bamenda, Cameroon
Two weeks +

Starting a Permaculture Farm and Eco-lodge

Bastimentos, Panama for 6 weeks +
Who we are: We are a young family running a hostel on Isla Bastimentos in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We have bought a piece of land on a virgin Island which is right next to Isla Bastimentos. Here we are starting a permaculture food forest, we plan to plant fruits, herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants. Also raise chickens for eggs and farm fresh and salt water fish. We are looking for experienced and motivated volunteers to help us develop our permaculture farm and homestead on this beautiful and virgin island. The property is located directly on the caribbean sea, it's about 2.5HA of densely vegetated jungle, except for a small area that was partially cleared to start farming. Some of the on-going or near future projects involve: Building composting or biodigester toilets Treat wood Mapping contours and features Making and maintaining trails Making ponds Building small dam Make more planting beds Complete dock Build greenhouse Build adobe houses Build timber storage area Build tool shed and workshop Water management, harvesting and storing Make more swells Clear vegetation Starting seeds and cuttings Transplanting plants and trees Build nursery Start farming mushrooms Wood chipping Researching and identifying native plant species Researching and identifying new species to plant based on location and climate
Bastimentos, Panama
6 weeks +

Helpers with good English welcome to Airport Beach Backpackers

Durban, South Africa for We prefer helpers to stay at least one month +
Now need a very capable, hands on, enthusiastic, cheerful, guy who can help in light construction work, general maintenance and gardening or be part time host at our reception for backpackers.We also like to work around your talents too so if you are a good painter we do some painting or if you are a builder we can do some maintenance. It all depends on what you're strains and what is needs doing at the time.If you are interested in volunteering for us, write something about yourself, your experience, and why you would like to come and help.
Durban, South Africa
We prefer helpers to stay at least one month +

Worldwide Trust

Coimbatore, India for +
Dear Sir, Greetings from WWEC Trust! Our Non Profit Trust / NGO established in the year 2010, & committed to serve the rural community especially for the upliftment of Poor people, Tribals, GirlChildren, Old Age People, Women SHG etc… At present our Trust / NGO is planned to open an old age home, Free Medical Assistance / Care Center for poor & School for tribal / Poor children’s. All our activities are funded by donors &well-wishers. We welcome contributions, to help us fund our operations. WWEC Trust can only achieve its goal with the generous donations & support from you people. Your Small Donation today can help them to make a big difference in their lives. All contributions are to be made by Cheque / D.D / RTGS: Our Account Details as Follows: Account Name : WORLDWIDE EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST Current Account No : 32197162991 Bank Name : State Bank of India Branch : Karamadai IFSC Code : SBIN0013437 MICR Code : 641002041 All your contributions will be acknowledged by receipt and will be informed about the progress of the programme for which it is supported. Also we accept used office tables, computers, printers, chairs, cupboards etc.. for extension of our trust. Our Address as follows: Managing Trustee Worldwide Educational & Charitable Trust 1/4a, Grace Bhavan Bellathi Village & Post Karamadai Via Coimbatore District Tamilnadu South India Pin Code:641104 Ph:04254 - 273271 Cell:09965290901 Therefore, I sincerely request you to Support us. Expecting your Positive Reply Sir, Thanks & Regards, MAHESHKUMAR.S FOUNDER & MANAGING TRUSTEE
Coimbatore, India
no minimum stay

Volunteer Work in Central America

Granada, Nicaragua for 1 week +
Get Involved! You can become a part of our work! Share your time, experiences, and ideas with our partner projects and their participants. You can help improve the local situation, raise awareness, and protect the environment! On our homepage, you can find our projects and the corresponding presentations. Please check the minimum time commitment, Spanish level, and other required capabilities and experiences. The presentations will give you detailed descriptions of the projects such as location of the organization, room and board options, Spanish schools, and estimated costs. There is no waiting times or application deadlines for volunteer positions; usually you can arrive all year round. However, we do need a lead-time of about 3 months, to ensure enough time to answer all questions and to find an organization that is a good match for you. How to apply: You can find more information on our website www.promosaico.org. Follow the link “Volunteer Work” or contact our volunteer coordinator (info@promosaico.org).
Granada, Nicaragua
1 week +

Old style rural France

La Roche Chalais, France for 2 weeks +
My wife and I are in our sixties. We own 65 hectares of woodland, five cottages which we rent out either seasonally or by the year and 65 hectares of farmland farmed by our daughter who rears sheep under the organic label. There are also 3 small lakes on the property. All of this is situated in SW France about 70Km. NE of Bordeaux
La Roche Chalais, France
2 weeks +

Bangkok Permaculture

Trat, Thailand for 1 week +
We aim to become self reliance and need to work on several aspects such as raising chicken for egg and for manure, raising goats to control weed, building a biomass gasifier (done), planting forest for wood and planting various kind of vegetable. If you would like take part in converting a conventional farm to a self reliance one, then we are the one you are looking for. These are what we normally do: We are specialized in mangosteen. In summer, we water and harvest them. In rainy season, we plant a forest and rubber tree. In spare time, we plant a vegetable garden, make a compost as well as planting and selling garden tree. There are waterfall, beach as well as islands located half and hour drive from our farm. It is totally ok, if you do not have any kinds of volunteering experience before, as long as you are wiling to learn about the work and the local culture. We do not expecting you to be as strong as Olympic athletes; however, we do expecting you to keep the place tidy, put things back in place and take a good care of things you use. We have a basic room for volunteers, no air con, no hot shower and no TV. If you think you can survive that and you are a non smoker, then you are very welcome! : ) If you would like to know more about us, please do not hesitate to send a PM to us. We don't mind answering questions at all. However, please send a host request only if you have decided to come to our farm. Basically, the work start around 8:00 am (6:30 in our dry season, Feb - April). We will have a 2 hours break in the middle of the day and end the work around 4 or 5:00 pm. It will be longer if we have to finish picking up fruit, but all the field works must be done before 17:00. Because it will be dark by 18:30. Well, as farmers, weekdays or weekend do not really mean anything to us. We finish work early on Wednesday and Saturday to go shopping at afternoon local market. Feel free to take Sunday as your day off if you want.
Trat, Thailand
1 week +

I am the managing director of Didessa Green Valley Resort.

Didessa, Ethiopia for six weeks +
We need international, preferably females, who could promote our eco-lodge for international tourists by writing and taking photographs on international magazines or newspapers. She should also able to give guidance to our staff in housekeeping, cooking, customer handling, advertisement, marketing, etc. Please visit our website: www.didessaresort.com
Didessa, Ethiopia
six weeks +