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Carlton, United States
Minimum Stay:
minimum stay of a month but we prefer folks who want to spend the entire season and learn from beginning to end.
English and some Spanish


The King's Garden

"We personally believe that " The earth is the Lord's and the fullness therein" and we consider ourselves stewards of Gods land and resources and like to do everything we do with excellence and joy."

This is the Deal

We are an organic farm that specializes in many varieties of heirloom vegetables and some fruits. We are currently farming 4 acres along the pristine Methow River in the Methow Valley of north central Washington. We serve our local community and restaurants through our farmers market, CSA's and restaurant deliveries, food bank donations and also take a bulk of our produce to Seattle where we serve Seattles finest restaurants. In addition to our farming we have a small herd of dairy goats and enjoy making cheeses and other dairy products. We have a lovely flock of chickens and ducks for eggs for our personal use and our CSA members. We do as much canning and preserving of our products as time allows for our use in the winter months. We enjoy making herbal products when time allows, mostly in winter.

Welcome Skills: We are open to anyone who is willing to work hard and wanting to learn essentinal farming skills.


We are planning on purchasing a new property at the end of the season so accomodations are not yet determined. Room and board will be provided and we eat better than kings!

What Else

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets