Debbie Teeter

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Ithaca, United States
Minimum Stay:
one week


Help install the Cutting Garden at A.J. Teeter Farm, spring '14

"Keeping the farm viable, finding beauty in all things"

This is the Deal

We will be installing a brand new, large cutting garden for u-pick flowers, retail cut flowers and ready-made bouquets, and flowers and bouquets for the wholesale market. We are a 5th and 6th generation, 180-acre family farm, currently raising beef livestock and grass hay. We have grown flowers extensively in the past, as an add-on for our a 75-family vegetable CSA, which was a 10-year project on the farm.

Work will vary according to season; from late April through early June we will be planting and mulching (we start our own transplants); after that, it will be garden maintenance until the flowers start blooming, then we will be cutting and arranging, and possibly working with customers in the the garden.

In all likelihood volunteers will also help put in and maintain the market vegetable garden, which will help feed everyone on the farm as well as be offered for sale at the flowers stand.

Work commitment will likely be 20 hours per week. Work times will often be in the morning, but will be weather dependent to some extent. However, if it's been raining for two weeks and something has to go in the ground, we will be planting in the rain.

The farm owners both work off-farm, and when on-farm for the day have chores other than the gardens. We, or other family members, will typically get new comers started in the morning and then leave them to their work.

Ideally, we would have 4-6 volunteers at a time, and welcome couples and small groups.

Well-mannered, controllable dogs are okay - but they stay with you at all times. The cutting garden is on a busy state highway.

We don't allow smoking of any kind - there is just too much danger of fire on a farm. A camp fire is ok, if planned in conjunction with the farmers and you seem to know what you are doing

Welcome Skills: Gardening


We are a 180-farm, with many acres of woodlands and a private gorge at the southern end of Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. We are biking distance to a bus stop (one mile, mostly hill) and Ithaca (another few miles, mostly flatish). We border Treman State Park

The best candidates for working on this farm will have a tent, sleeping bag and other camping gear. You would be tenting near our hay barn, which is also available in inclement weather. There will be a full-size refrigerator with freezer in the barn, as well as a cooking appliance (we're not sure what yet). There will be secure food storage available, also. We will keep staples available at all times (bread, rice and other grains, pasta, fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs dairy products, etc). You will need to prepare your own food, either individually or as a group if there are more than one volunteer at a time.

Access to shower facilities will be daily at the main farm house. We will also have a "washing up" station near the camping area.

What Else

The farm owners are in their 50's, and their children are in their late teens and mid 20's; there are also some friends and "significant others" in the mix. Everyone works a lot off-farm, but are ready and willing to help get this project off the ground. It could be just about anyone with a relationship to the farm leading volunteers - we just roll with what comes our way, so that's the best way for volunteers to be around here.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets