M Clare Paris

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Tonasket, United States
Minimum Stay:
We like it when someone comes for the whole season, April through September, but are open to other ideas.
One of us speaks fluent Spanish


Larkhaven Farmstead Sheep Cheeses

"We have had some wonderful young people here. Most of them end up feeling like family. We love it when our interns really get in to what we are doing."

This is the Deal

We can keep two interns busy with farm work that includes regular chores but also fence building, construction with both new materials and salvage, lots of good, honest grunt-work like shoveling and clean-up around the place, farm maintenance. We are also enlarging our family garden, and raise chickens and pigs, plan to add steers & poultry for meat. Lambs will be born in April, which is a great experience, plus we cook and preserve food all season, will do some slaughter and butchering and have many skills to pass on in the homestead arena. We also live in a very small town with a diverse population, including a wonderful alternative community of farmers and crafters and with lots of entertainment and events, all welcoming to local farm interns. Two interns is ideal; can consider a couple if a very, very stable unit AND both are strong, hard workers.

Welcome Skills: Seriously interested in Sustainable Agriculture as a way of life, Eager to please and to learn, Accustom to hard work and an enjoyment for it, Good Sense of Humor, Very good work & personal references, Able to share a very small cabin with a roommate, Able to take care of self in spare time, licensed to drive is helpful, A habit of moving briskly is a plus., Strong back for lifting, Able to take criticism & not mind doing a job over, Have a good attitude for do-overs regardless of cause, Any gardening or building skills welcome!


Primitive, furnished cabin plus access in certain hours to farmhouse kitchen, bath, clothes-washing, internet and telephone. Some family meals, and some of the time, the helpers cook for themselves from food we provide. We set up an outdoor kitchen and plan an outdoor shower. Beautiful setting, best view on property, and a screened porch make it a gem of a site.

What Else

It gets cold at night in the Spring, here, and gets quite hot in the summer. We have lots of lakes nearby. Biking can be good, and near neighbors have interns, as well, which usually creates instant friendships and increases access to activities and rides to events. We would rather interns were omnivores or at least omnivore-tolerant and otherwise not have particular food needs, as we raise meat and vegetables and this is what we eat. No pets please; we have livestock protecting dogs and territorial cats and it just upsets to apple cart to bring in visiting animals. Fear of snakes, ticks, spiders or coyotes would be a problem! Although they aren't a problem at all -- just part of life. check out our website at my website

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets


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