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Karak, Jordan
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one week,
English, Arbic


love to meet new people and learn from.

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Mission Statement: Al Numeira Environmental Association’s mission is to promote innovative water conservation methods and environmental education to build a more sustainable future and improve human well-being in the Jordan Valley.

The South Ghor is a region of Jordan located south of Amman and close to the Dead Sea. Jordan is one of the driest countries in the world, and water is a scarce resource, particularly in the South Ghor where we receive approximately 75mm of rain per year. Due to mismanagement in all sectors and a continued rise in the population, scarcity has increased to an alarming level. Therefore, it is imperative that changes are made in the handling of water resources if we want to continue to inhabit the region.

Al Numeira Environmental Association hopes to alleviate this resource constraint for individuals in the South Ghor through the use of greywater management, rain-water harvesting, and permaculture. Furthermore, we aim to educate the citizens of South Ghor on how they can implement these practices in their own lives, so as to create a more sustainable lifestyle for both themselves and their children. Since our formation, we have built a team of local volunteers and a network of international support eager to help in our cause.

Main Objectives of NEA

1. Nature Conservation: Our primary objective is to conserve natural resources, specifically water, through sustainable living.

2. Environmental Education: We aim to educate both local and international visitors about the positive impact of sustainable living on the environment, as well as the urgency of the water situation in the South Ghor region.

3. Intercultural Exchange: The center acts as a multicultural meeting point, where international visitors can experience the local culture, while also sharing some of their own culture with the people of Ghor.

4. Sustainable Tourism: NEA offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the lavish tourist locations currently present in the Dead Sea region.

Ahlan w sahlan!


We are able to host more than one volunteers at a time to help us with our projects *if they are 10 still fine.

If you’re interested in participating and learning about our permaculture garden, greywater system, and other projects, please fill out the form from oure website my website .

You can stay in the mudbrick house, and make your self home .

We believe that all people have something to give, so we welcome you to share your personal skills, experiences, and culture with the local community!

Ahlan wa Sahlan! Welcome! Bienvenido! Wilkommen! Bienvenu!

What Else

donut forget your smile.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets