Lisa Wain

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Mundubbera, Australia
Minimum Stay:
2 Weeks


Want to experience a taste of farm life in the real Aussie outback?

"Self Sustainability"

This is the Deal

Looking for interesting and exciting work for your second year visa?
Or just want to experience a taste of farm life in the real Aussie outback?
Jerakala offers all of this and more!

Here at Jerakala we offer a “work for food and accomodation” way of life – you help us out with the cattle, beef production and farm work and in return we'll give you a comfy bed, good food, internet access and even the occasional beer!

We need your skills and in return we'll teach you some of our own. With over 600 head of cattle on 22,000 acres, a Bed & Breakfast, a Meat Processing Plant, Butcher Shop and a few other ventures on the go, the more hands the better!

Fancy yourself as a jackaroo/ jillaroo? Here you have the opportunity to get involved and learn how to muster, draft and brand the cattle, maintain and develop the land and how to generally keep things running – there’s never a dull moment! Whether horseback, quad bike, or motorbike is your vehicle of choice there’s something here for everyone – and if you haven't ridden any of these before, don't worry – you might get a chance to learn, or failing that, do as the cattle dogs do and go by foot!

Jerakala offers voluntary placements only and therefore does not offer paid work, however the bonus of having no outgoings and the valuable experience you will gain greatly outweighs any wage that could be paid. This type of work is a great addition to any resume – what better way to prove you’re hard working and dedicated than being self-sufficient in the outback whilst still having time in the evenings to plan your next Australian adventure!

Please take into consideration that we are a fully functioning cattle ranch – this is our livelihood and as such the work is not set up around our volunteers to provide a “fun experience” – there is no way of predicting what work will need doing however we do expect you to always chip in and try your best. It is not always horseback riding in the sunset – some of the work is very physically demanding and can make for very long days. As long as we feel you are giving the work your best shot we will strive to include what extra activities we can, whether that be camping out, having a bonfire or a few beers together after work.

So if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want to have a real Aussie experience, grab your cowboy hat and get in touch – we’d love to hear from you and hopefully see you down at the farm sometime soon!

Oh yeah, if you are doing your 88 days, 88 days is all it takes! We sign off every day you are here on the farm.

Welcome Skills: Gardening, Computer, sense of humor, commitment, Cooking, marketing, research skill, administration, Interpersonal skills


One of the things we pride ourselves on here is our aim to be as self-sufficient as possible, eating our own beef, collecting eggs from our chickens, growing our own veggies, milking the cow in the mornings and even growing and bottling our own olives. When staying with us you can enjoy all this fresh produce knowing that the work you completed during the day helped put that yummy food on your plate in the evening! And everyone get's a chance to cook!

We can take up to 5 people and offer accommodation for singles and couples. You have access to free wireless internet, all meals and washing facilities.

What Else

Looking for people who would like to share their skills in things such as:
*Construction (Plumbing, Building, Electrical)
*Mechanics (Diesel, Machinery, Vehicles, small engines)
*Steel fabrication (welding)
*Hospitality (bookings, cleaning, cooking)
*Food Processing (Butchering, Slaughtering)
*Web Design (graphic design, coding, film, audio)
*Horse Riding
*Event Development & Management (including film and audio - holding a TEDx event in March 2014)

Please go to our website for more information and to read feedback from others. You can apply online there and please send a resume (CV) detailing your skills.

my website

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets