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El Transito, N Icaragua
Minimum Stay:
5 days
Spanish (not required)


Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement

"Passionate people looking for adventure and an opportunity to give back. "

This is the Deal

We are committed to elevating rural communities throughout Nicaragua through mobilizing local people to make a difference. We accomplish this through working with volunteers, partners and donors who support our programs and assist us in implementing them on the ground. NICA's mission is deployed around five keys areas: Education, Infrastructure, Public Health, Commerce Development and Community Pride.

Welcome Skills: A Desire to Explore and Assist in the Developing World


We have a secure volunteer house located in the community with indoor plumbing and great, fresh food three times a day. We specialize in volunteers that are new to the arena of traveling to the developing world. We focus on your needs while addressing the needs of the under-served. If it will be your first trip to help in the developing world, we are your perfect choice. We customize activities for volunteers that focus on the local community such as education, infrastructure, environment, public health and commerce development. We also have opportunities to explore the country and culture. We have been part of the community for more than 7 years. When you volunteer with us, you truly feel like you are part of the community and leave with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What Else

We take care of you 100% when you stay with us. Local transportation (including from the airport), three meals a day, housing and a trip to another city. Obviously, we can't provide all of this at no cost (we would if we could!), so we do have a fee. The fee covers all of our costs as well as supports our program to employ people in the local community.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets