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Klang, Malaysia
Minimum Stay:
5 days
english, chinese, Malay (individual language)


Kebun Kaki Bukit

"come and find out"

This is the Deal

Kaki Bukit Farm is an attempt to demonstrate a sustainable life in practice. It is also an attempt to learn how to recycle and harness natural, sustainable resources, live in a simple off grid life and reducing our carbon footprint. perched in the foot of Jugra hill, this quaint plot and agrarian village surrounding is a perfect setting for such purpose. Along the way we also have vision of turning this place into a sustainable farming learning centre.

The farm main crop for the time being is dragonfruit, with hundreds of age-old durian tree sprawling across the 40 acres property. The farm has been left unattended for over 5 years (?, not too sure about this period of time) and we are slowly waking it back to life, the organic and sustainable way. It is undoubtedly a large undertaking but we are doing it with great intention and love. The farm is a constant progression, and is at present regaining soil fertility. We will soon grow nitrogen fixing crops, not only for harvesting and consumption but also to create a greener manure output as well as greens for the compost. We shy away from chemical use because we believe that there is always a solution from nature if we look with the right set of eyes and listen with the right set of ears.

At Kaki Bukit Farm, we always thrive to have more than just an organic farm experience. At the very heart of it is the belief that working as a community boost happiness and vitality. We look at ourselves as community farm; it's a work and family in progress. We welcome anyone who has time and energy to make the farm their home and bring with them positive attitude, creativity and a love for nature. Everyone is welcomed, either to pick up the hoe, to feed the chicken, to sing songs, or to tell us how to do it better. We have in the pipeline more exciting projects, listed below are few of the projects where we might need your help!
- structure building
- solar generator
- grey water treatment
- aquaphonic
- vetraphonic
- cow / chicken / goat rearing
- vertical garden
- earthship
- eco resort / eco farm stay
- product packaging & marketing
- workshops / tutorial / lectures on sustainable farming

In a nutshell, the Jugra Organic Farm is a great place to sharpen your sustainable life skill, to practice your farming knowledge, to teach old skills and to acquire new ones. The farm is also a fantastic place just to be one with the nature surroundings. You can hear the songbirds singing song of joy in the misty hours of the morning, while you sit on a lazy chair just watching the fog goes by. There is also a hill if you feel like walking a trek, with a paragliding facility at the top of it. It is a home away from home for everyone. This is a place to retreat, rejuvenate, recuperate, learn, share and above all, live.

The farm is led by a team that values love, unity and a desire to learn. Anyone interested in building up this farm and helping us recover and discover nature is welcome to join us.

Welcome Skills: Gardening


GPS coordinates to the entrance of the farm is N2 49’ 58.0” E101 25’ 9.6”

Arriving: Our farm is located about half an hour from KL International Airport (KLIA) and the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). We can arrange for pickup if you tell us at least 2 days ahead of your arrival. If you are not flying in, you can take the local bus to Jugra or Banting town from Kuala Lumpur. The information website for the bus service in Kuala Lumpur is my website .

Few options available to get to the farm. The GPS coordinates to the entrance of the farm is N2 49’ 58.0” E101 25’ 9.6”.
• If you are coming by taxi with a GPS, give the coordinates to the driver and he will bring you to the entrance. Once there you can walk in to where the house is or call if the gate is lock.
• If u r taking a bus/train to Banting, you can then take a taxi to Jugra with the coordinates given. Distance from Banting town to the farm is approximately 12km. If the taxi does not have a GPS just tell the driver to head to jugra light house(bukit api Jugra) as you are reaching the light house do keep a lookout on the left hand side that has a sign “Restoran Seafood Viking” and stop there. You can then call the mobile numbers. Distance is approximately 2km to the farm entrance.

Local metered taxi service is also available at every bus/taxi/train stations. If you are taking the train, the nearest station is Banting.
Accommodation: At this moment we have a double storey wooden house with three bedrooms which can each accommodate 2 persons. There are two permanent staff occupying two rooms now, so the other room is available. It’s fairly basic, with 24 hours electricity supply and clean running water. Toilet is located at the back area of the house, unattached, and the kitchen is attached to the back of the house. Apart from the house, there is a wooden platform on the hilltop which is suitable for camping, with a bathroom close by. This is also an option for volunteers and guests. In the near future we want to build more accommodation for volunteers and guests, preferably with natural building methods. You are welcome to join the fun ?

What Else

be yourself

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets