Florentine Backpackers Hostel

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Volunteer at a travellers hostel in Tel Aviv

This is the Deal

Our Hostel is an intimate, home-style hostel in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Tel Aviv. We have a small number of rooms, including one dormitory, keeping the atmosphere here personal and friendly.

The spirit of the Hostel is young and vibrant – a place to feel at home, meet fellow travelers and other backpackers, relax, make friends, and absorb the Tel Aviv vibe. Guests at the hostel share a cozy indoor lounge, a fully equipped communal kitchen, and the spacious rooftop terrace where they can enjoy their morning coffee, take a meal together, trade stories and travel tips, or just relax and enjoy their time.

Located in a hip neighborhood , our hostel is an easy walk to many local attractions – 10 minutes to Old Jaffa and the flea market, 10 minutes to the beach and boardwalk, 5 minutes from Neve Tzedek, known for its recently renovated architecture, 15 minutes from Rothschild Street and the center of Tel Aviv, 20 minutes away from the Carmel Market, and 10 minutes from a central bus station.

You will be nestled in to the unique surroundings of an active wholesale district where industry and art combine. Step around the corner from the hostel and you will find the cafes, nightclubs, and pubs that give it its reputation as one of the hotspots for nightlife in Tel Aviv.

What Else

We’re constantly looking for new volunteers capable of helping us out with our everyday tasks. This includes doing laundry, assist with the cleaning of the facilities, keeping the kitchen and the terrace tidy and welcoming our guests. We have 3 shifts of 5 hours, either in the morning (10 am – 3 pm), the afternoon (5 pm – 10 pm) or at night (10 pm – 4 am). We expect you to help us to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes everybody (including yourself of course :)) feel at home. Volunteers work 5 days a week, but it can happen that we will ask you to give us a hand even if it’s not your shift. Don’t worry, that’s the exception and not the rule!
The minimum stay is one month, the maximum three months.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets