De Doederij

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Sint Katelijne Waver, Belgium
Minimum Stay:
I would recommend at least 14 days, so you can experience the way of live on a farm community. You are welcome all year round.
I speek Dutch, English and French


Helping on a bio-dynamic Csa farm

"Living in harmony with nature, beeing as most as possible self-sufficient and charing this experience with other people."

This is the Deal

De doederij is a bio-dynamic farm and we work as a Community Supported Agriculture farm.
We grow more than 50 different veggies, potatoes an herbs for our members (people who come to pick up there vegetables weekly at the farm). All this is grown on the farm that is mostly self-sufficient. There are a few animals from which we keep the manure for our compost.
There 's own seed growing going on.
Above all this farming we are a community which gives the opportunity to young and old to live in harmony with nature, themselves and the outside world.

Welcome Skills: There are no realy skills needed. Only the will to live (temporaly) on a farm, Helping where needed.


Our farm is 1,5 ha and the number of people who are living in our place depends of the time of the my website is my husband, our son of 16 and myself. Furtheron there are some homeless people who are living temporaly with us, and people who are seeking there way of life and of course volunteers.
They all stay in a yurt. With the use of a commun kitchen, sitting room and bathroom.

What Else

Please do note that you also will have to contribute, after work for preparing our meals.
Don't wory the cooking is a comunnal thing, even if you have no skill at all in cooking, just some help and you might end up knowing a lot more about it.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets