Mike Kim

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Busan, South Korea
Minimum Stay:
2 weeks
English, Japnese, Korean, Chinese, Franch


Welcome to Beautiful Busan Hotel & Cafe

"sharing languages and life experience with prople all around the world"

This is the Deal

Good day

I am currently runing two hostels near the beachside

Looking for the people who can help me.

If you are interested in joining the team, READ EVERYTHING


If you have worked / stayed in a good hostel, you already know it's like the best parts of college, without the responsibility & with a more international crowd.

You stay for free, and included FREE EVERY DAY: All-You-Can-Make WIFI, coffee, tea, lockers, luggage storage, laundry, movies, book exchange & every Friday activities.

This is a fun city, with more to do than most people expect.

Our past & current staff often stay longer than planned because they feel this is a great place to:

• Make new friends & world travel contacts!

• Improve social skills!

• Improve your target languages!

• Learn / improve one of the many other languages always

spoken here by native speakers!

• Enrich social life - meet and party with young travelers

from every continent!

• Learn to cook international dishes, run a bar, organize &

lead tours & activities!

• Enjoy an exciting and unique lifestyle very different

from the normal thing at home!

• Get experience and recommendation letters

for school or future work!

• Explore the surrounding cities from Busan

My main interest is international business, and I would like to work

with people who are creative and active

Welcome Skills: Gardening, commitment, Interpersonal skills, Computer, marketing, administration, sense of humor, Cooking, research skill, Child Care



Help with Computers / internet

Art project

Language practise

Helping with Tourists

Help in the house

General Maintenance

Cooking / shopping

What Else

you’ll receive free accommodation and meals in one of

our hostels for as long as you’re with us

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets