Human Affect

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New York, United States
Minimum Stay:
6 months


Founding Creator, Cao

"Team work, patience and understanding that we are all different but must share planet mother earth with respect and honor. "

This is the Deal

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit is an international professional "Youth Peace Ambassador" Internship based on Human Rights Learning. Human Affect committed to train 1000 Youth Peace Ambassador's, 1000 hours for the United Nations Rio + 20 Future We Want process.
Those 1000 Youth are part of the central platform to empower girls and youth women internationally with a focus on offering the training for youth girls and youth women from developing countries, indigenous communities, rural communities and marginalized communities.
Human Affect Youth Peace Ambassador's attend United Nations meetings, forums and conferences to gather research and understanding on how to implement sustainability for humanity and planet mother earth.


The young women share and apartment where they are responsible for cleaning, preparing their meals, organizing their team calendars, hosting advisors and co-chairs for weekly group meets.

What Else

They must dress professionally daily, no fraternizing team members/team leaders/international representatives, must be on time, our days are long and their is little tolerance for team members not completing their work load, no tolerance of alcohol and drug use and healthy eating/exercise is part of our daily sustainable routine.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets