Kazumasa Nakagomi

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Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Minimum Stay:
For a week
Japanese and English


Nakagomi Orchard

"I don't understand this question."

This is the Deal

We grow various kinds of fruits here in Yamanashi, Japan. We are fruit farmers and we are doing fruit picking for both Japanese and non-Japanese customers from overseas. Basically, we seek for volunteers all year round but especially from the middle of March till the end of September, we need workforce because it is our high season. For the works that we ask for volunteers, I created volunteer page in both Japanese and English in our site and you can take a look.

Welcome Skills: that is the best. Yet, that would be great., Gardening, marketing


In 2011, I bought a house with land for volunteers and hired lots of professional craftsmen to create the house to be a small sized dormitory. There are two Japanese style bed rooms upstairs where basically I let only ladies use. Downstairs, there are four bed rooms and in each room, I put a bunkbed, so at least eight people can stay on the first floor only.
There are two shower rooms, two toilets, a small kitchen, a washroom
where you can wash your faces in the morning. For most of necessary items such as two of washing machines, a refregirator, a microwave, two vaccume cleaners and 11 bikes.

What Else

I created my original volunteer page on our own webpage.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets


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