Big Tree Farm

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Heriot Bay, Quadra Island, Bc, Canada
Minimum Stay:
I usually have people stay at lest 2 weeks but I am flexible to meet the needs and situaton.
English with elementary Spanish


Farm and Forest

"I am a hard working person who values friendship, honesty and a good work ethic from my Helpers!"

This is the Deal

I have a 10 hectare (24 acre) hobby-farm with a garden, fruit and berry orchard, chickens, ducks, cow and calf and a retired Belgian draft horse. I have a 400 hectare (1,000 acre) Woodlot with 85 year old second growth trees that I harvest and replant. I also have a vacation rental called Big Tree Cottage that I get my Helpers to assist with.

Welcome Skills: Gardening, Tree Planting, General maintenance, English communication


Quadra Island is a good sized Island with both inhabited sections on the south end primarily where my house is and wilderness where my woodlot is located next to the big Provincial Park. We have around 3,000 people here with lots of good stores including organic grocery stores. There are lots of trails for hiking, biking, running etc. The people here are quite friendly and many of my Helpers have had great experiences with Islanders they have become friends with. I have a big comfortable non-smoking house heated with a wood stove. I have a dog and cat that are friendly to the Helpers too! One of my bedrooms is good for couples or a family with a small child. The meals are prepared communally or solo depending on our time schedules and preferences.

What Else

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets