Corynnia Station

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Carrathool Via Hay, Australia
Minimum Stay:
We start with one week trial to be sure you are happy and you can happily help us as we require then we assess ad prefer helpers to stay at least one month.


An true blue Aussie outback experience!

"We are a very busy Aussie Outback household and farm but enjoy the company of our young friends and the cultural exchange (we now have 'kids' all over the world). We love to share our little part of the world and get some much needed help at the same time"

This is the Deal

Now need a very capable, hands on, enthusiastic, cheerful, guy who can help Bruce around the farm between NOW TO END NOVEMBER.

Sorry - nothing else available until February 2014 but then we need enthusiastic, cheerful, mature & friendly helpers to assist around busy 5000ha station (farm), homestead & garden with farm stay adjoining on our station which is situated on the edge of the Outback near Griffith & Hay in Western NSW (halfway between Sydney and Adelaide). Farming rice, fodder & Merino sheep.

Gardening, farm work, cleaning, general maintenance with lots of variety. We also like to work around your talents too so if you are a good painter we do some painting or if you are a builder we can do some maintenance. It allll depends on what needs doing at the time.

See our website - my website

Welcome Skills: Gardening, commitment, sense of humor


Helpers with good English are welcomed as part of our family & enjoy excellent meals, friendship and cultural exchange.

Very good clean accommodation offered in fully furnished house adjacent to the homestead. Airconditioning and heating. Good beds.

Pool & tennis court set in beautiful gardens - for your enjoyment.

We can collect you from Griffith if you have no vehicle.

What Else

Work done with us can go towards your regional requirement for visa extension.

We have been hosting now for 3-4 years with great success and are also with my website and my website so you can access our references on those sites.

Volunteering done with us can go towards your regional requirement for visa extension.

Helpers must speak good English.

Internet - We have very limited and expensive internet in remote areas of Australia so are sorry we cannot offer this to our helpers as we need our usage to run our businesses. Helpers need a Telstra card with data in a phone handset that will work in remote areas. Telstra is the only carrier that works in our area. We have good signal in the homestead. Alternatively I go to town once a week and you can access your emails and the net in the local library.

Smoking allowed outside.

+ Smokers allowed

- Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets