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Shawnigan Lake, Bc, Canada
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wide variety of different people here at different times so it depends


Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre

"human potential and transformation"

This is the Deal

25 acre Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Center on beautiful farm setting. We are a park, farm, school, and residential community with food services and accommodation services available and hosting to almost 10K people per year. The space is created as a 'Commons' and is run mostly by volunteerism. Most folks pay own site/food costs when they come to volunteer but for certain roles OUR team covers costs in order to gain full commitment to the team running programs for the summer.

Personal ability to work in a team and group dynamic is essential. Emotional maturity to be part of a residential live/work situation a must. Incredible opportunity to meet and work with folks of every walk and talk and meet incredible teachers!

Currently we are winterizing OUR whole site and would love some major help putting OUR gardens to bed! Maybe some art work/mosaic design etc indoors on OUR construction projects too!

Roles we require for 2014:

1) Site and Events team member who can work with S/E Coordinator doing on the ground prep for groups, events, and general care of people and place.

2) Cook assistant - working with kitchen team to fully nurture and provide for all kitchen tasks of cooking for up to 100 people at a time in a semi-domestic kitchen...with a lot of heart.

3) children/youth eco-ed and daily support with creation of fun, learning and nurturance. This is perhaps OUR most important role! We are a learning community which focuses on sustainability of the future - through and with OUR children. We have a small handful of kids onsite and some who need only short term care as their family is here for a workshop. Huge heart is the key to this role.

4) Alternative energy, heat, waste water, technical assistant. This year the village is plugging in (literally needing to install) a next generation of systems in an effort to 'close the loop'

5) General site and maintenance people. There is much to do, fix, and keep up and at year end lots of focus on winterizing. Sometimes this role is simply and extra set of hands that is needed on OUR team without necessarily lots of extra skills.

6) Carpenters and trades people. Plumbers, electricians, etc etc.

Welcome Skills: Gardening, commitment, Cooking, Any gardening or building skills welcome!, General maintenance, carpentry, Interpersonal skills, financial management and budgeting, Seriously interested in Sustainable Agriculture as a way of life, We are currently looking for a long term HelpXer or Work exchanger or couple, Good Sense of Humor, We are open to anyone who is willing to work hard and wanting to learn essentinal farming skills., cafe help, Accustom to hard work and an enjoyment for it, marketing, Child Care, administration, Very good work & personal references, Good with kids, eye for detail


Beautiful farm/park/school with a Zero Mile Meal Eatery and multiple levels of accomodation. In summer this position is mostly inclusive of camping but could potentially have dorm or other space depending on the time of year, the number of events onsite, and the needs you have.

In May-Nov months we have a full time cook/chef and in off season we cook for each other.

farm animals, beautiful handsculpted earthen and strawbale buildings, as so much more....

group dynamic is everything for us --

What Else

we suggest that there is no 'sustainable community' yet in the world but that we are all working together in our/OUR own ways to try. We invite others to look at their expectations and assumptions prior to coming and to be open to coming to assist and bring positive energy. Personal maturity and high EQ (emotional) is a highly needed skill in this environment.....any background in Permaculture will take you miles (OK more like kilometers!) here.....

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets