James Laderman

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Casares, Spain
Minimum Stay:
7 days
English, Spanish, German


Creative & Leisure Village Finca La Cubatilla

"Music & People"

This is the Deal

Farm set in the countryside of Malaga, near the town of Casares, 20 min. from the beach.
We are looking for volunteers willing to stay on the farm to help with painting, building, and gardening in return for accomodation. Breathtaking scenery. We are especially interested in having volunteers with Carpentry or Electrician skills. An hours drive from Malaga International Airport and 40 minutes from Gibraltar. You are welcome to drop us an email or give us call to give you the details. Anybody with a creative way of life will blend in to the place easily.

Welcome Skills: Any gardening or building skills welcome!, Cooking, marketing

What Else

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets