Liliana Galeano

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San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina
Minimum Stay:
3 weeks stay or better longer.
Spanish, English, Italian, Czech


Welcome to our little Bungalows Resort inside the nature paradise.

This is the Deal

Hi-my name is Liliana and live in San Ignacio, Misiones province-Argentina. I built this simple tourist estabilishment together with my husband in a really beautiful, quite known tourist destination not only because of its important Jesuits ruins, but also for the breathtaking virgin nature in this green northen Argentina province Misiones between near Paraguay and Brasil on the way to the world famous wonder, marvellous Iguazu Falls ( 240km away ) and live here peacefully surrounded by pure green healthy nature. San Ignacio itself is a rather small and calm village but pretend to be a town. I am a friendly person so no doubt staying by us will be relaxing for you. (Please Not smoker and better Not vegetarian)
3 weeks stay or better longer.

Apart of a clasic common short volunteer help, we also look for a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER for Longer period of stay as mainly baby sitter since we want our little Romina learns English easier!!!

Well thanks for your help in the garden, but I especially need an efficient FEMALE volunteer as qualified baby sitter to help me looking after our 15 months old girl Romina and I am quite sure you will have enough time left to explore the beautiful national parks around and doing what you desire in this natural Eden.

Please have a look at our pages here: my website

Welcome Skills: Babysitting / child care, Gardening


You will have your own bathroom with hot shower in the garden and a small but nice-rustic wooden style room in our house. We have cable TV and there's a slow internet connection including Wi-Fi.
Regarding any food/beverage you will eat/drink of course the same as us just like in a family!!!

What Else

We also have a sweet 3 years old dog boxer-Tappino-you will love

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets