Jonna & Rien

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Büllingen, Belgium
Minimum Stay:
The minimum stay is 4 weeks, but we prefer a longer stay. We don't need help from mid October until early March.
Dutch is our mother language, but we also speak English and German. Jonna speaks a bit French and Rien a bit Hebrew.


We could use some help, especially in the garden

This is the Deal

Jonna is 56 years, Rien is 74. We have a big house and a big garden in a very small village (106 inhabitants). Meadows and woods are surrounding us.
We like to reuse things. Rien is very skilful and can fix almost everything. He chops the wood for the heating.
Jonna likes gardening, she also collect seeds and exchanges and trades the seeds all over the world.
Jonna grows all the plants for the garden, so she needs help with sowing, transplanting, repotting, planting, weeding, cutting, watering, looking up plants on the internet, harvesting fruit, vegetables and seeds and all the other things that must be done in and around the garden.
Rien would like some help chopping the wood and repairing/making things.
We do like to have helpers that have skils in gardening or are very interested in gardening, because this is the main work we have.
There is also always some renovation to do and if you like to cook, we would appreciate it if you want to cook for us so now and than.
We both travelled a lot and we had volunteers from all over the world the last 4 years, so we are used to deal with different cultures and ways of life.
There is no public transport in our village, but we will pick you up at and bring you to the bus station in a nearby village.
We have a very friendly dog.
We offer you a big room with a lot of privacy, all meals and drinks, wireless internet. We consider our helpers as a part of the family.

We work about 5,5 hours per day from Monday until Saturday.

We prefer a couple

Welcome Skills: Gardening, Cooking, commitment, General maintenance, Chopping wood


You will stay on the big attic. It has a big double bed, a single bed and a couch, a lot of privacy.

What Else

Here you can see reviews about us being a host
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And here you can have a look at Jonna's website about seeds
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+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets