Hoza Hostel

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Warszawa, Poland
Minimum Stay:
1 week
English, Polish


Simply the best & cheapest place to stay while in Warsaw, located conveniently in the city centre area.

"meeting new people"

This is the Deal

The hostel is located in the house of Michael Kuznetsov, built in 1892 - 93 It is very valuable for this reason that is preserved in its entirety with all the outbuildings and external design house front, and because they lived in the Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof (December 15, 1859 - April 14, 1917) is the creator of Esperanto, The Most Successful Constructed language designed for international communication, and thus the precursor of international integration, which we also spread.
We want to provide you with a fantastic and peaceful stay in one of the oldest buildings in the Polish capital city. In contrast with the age of the building, here you'll find a modern guest-service that will help you in solving any problems while staying in Warsaw.

We would like to give one bed in staff room to person who would like to stay with Us for some time and help Us in cleaning or looking for things at night time. In exchange We give a free bed, lot of fun, info about Poland, time in daylight to do some sightseeing and many other opportunities.

Now We have renovated Our place so We have 2-times bigger hostel at summer time and in winter renovated warm place!

We encourage all Minecraft players to visit Us.
One of managers (Noobish Peter) still looking for odd ones to play with.. :-)
Also Pro player Tomasz is deeply in Quake Live! If there are no lags ofc..

Welcome Skills: Cleaning, nightshifts


For helpers we provide bed in separated stafroom with max 3 co-workers there, separate fridge and storage room.
Hostel description:
Hoza Hostel is one of the best hostels in Warsaw. We've been around for only over a year but managed to build worldwide-known brand. We use our growing experience and customer insight to improve and make your stay as pleasant as possible (or even more). With young, enthusiastic staff, ready to help you 24/7 everything is possible!

- 14-bedroom dorm
- 10-bedroom dorm
- 3 x 4-bedroom dorm
- 2 x 2-bedroom dorm

What Else

Hoza Hostel is located just 800 meters from the main train station - Warszawa Centralna. However, due to insufficient labeling getting out of the train station could be quite a challenge. Follow instructions below to avoid confusion and save time.

When you leave your train safely, you are on the platform. Look for signs for the exit at Emili Plater or Aleje Jerozolimskie. When you get off the building you should see Palace of Culture and Science. Walk down the Aleje Jerozolimskie and pass the Palace. Reach Rondo Dmowskiego and walk through an underground passage. When you walk into it, go straight, then first right, then left and climb the stairs on your right (a signboards says ulica Marszalkowska) and you shold see Novotel Hotel on your left. Walk down Marszalkowska street, and the fourth cross street is Hoza. Turn left and the Hostel is about 25 meters around the corner (first gate on the left). Call 71 on an entry phone. We are located on the third floor.

Bus: 175, N32
& check the ZTM website for more info and times: my website

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets