Susan Saleeba

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Kenya, Africa
Minimum Stay:
3 months is your visa, we offer you 2 nights free accommodation
English, Kswahili


Kenya Calls You!

"Knowing what we do makes a difference, we see it happening everyday, by just giving a smile and receiving one in return, or by saving a life through food and fresh water, to life saving operations, education and the joy of knowing I am part of a world tha"

This is the Deal

Within the slums of Kaptembwa sits a golden light of hope, our school and orphanage NAKURU HOPE. We are a not for profit 100% recognised charity and we need those who can assist with painting, gardening, being with the children, helping in the kitchen, playing sport or just sitting and reading.


Your accommodation free would be in a dormitory, bunk style with access to kitchen, showers and public convenience. Mosquito nets are provided. We offer 2 nights free accommodation, if you choose to stay longer it would be $my website AUS a night which goes direct for power, water, food and education for the school.

What Else

I began going to Kenya 7 years ago and soon saw the needs of so many, I began NAKURU HOPE, four years ago. I live in Perth, Western Australia and Kenya. I encourage you to visit our website which gives you so much more information my website
Volunteering we know is not for everyone, especially when it is hands on here in Kenya, but we hope that whilst you are here you will see how much you are appreciated, welcomed and immediately make a difference.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets