Durga Ghimire

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Chitwan, Nepal
Minimum Stay:
1 week


Organic farm in Nepal

This is the Deal

We have been developing a big organic and herbal farm in rural setting at Sukranager village which is 170 km far away from capital city Kathmandu. The village is one of the riches village in Chitwan in term of wildlife, different culture and sports located in the adjacent of Royal Chitwan National Park which park is quite famous for one-horn rhinos, elephant, royal Bengal, tiger, chital, barking dear, ghorial crocodile, along with hundreds of varieties of birds. This village is also native to indigenous people known as Tharus; you will have opportunity to observe their culture, tradition and way of living which is very simplistic in nature.

Our vision is to create a sustainable organic and herbal farm and to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable and law impact living. We have some domestic animals like buffalo, cows, ox and goat. We use our own product tea, rice, wheat, vegetable, fruit, milk, ghee and herbal medicine.

We have also a bio-gas installation fueled by buffalo dung and other waste that provides enough gas for cooking throughout the year.

We have the project also to make a children research center in the farm for teach english and environmental to children.

We need some volunteers, local residents, guest and travellers working to help us for developing this farm and preserving the customs, traditions and environmental of the local area and live and work with nature.

Staying with us:

1) volunteer should participate to cultivate and harvest seasonal vegetable, crops and herbal medicine.

2) Volunteer should help to farmer in daily activities by plowing, milking buffalo and cow, preparing bio-gas, preparing compost, feeding animals etc.

3) Volunteer are welcome to share their experience and learn Nepaleses culture and tradition.

4) Volunteer have the opportunities to participate in teaching english in community school, assisting in community health post and participating in environmental and women empowerment programs.

Saturday is the day off in our farm. During the day off, Volunteer can do Jungle Adventure program in our own village. The avaliable Jungle Adventure programs are Elephant ride, Jungle walk, Elephant bath, bird watching, rhino watching, Crocodile project, Tharu Dance, Cycling village tour, Tiger Top and so on.

Food and Accommodation:

Typically Nepali house in the farm. Volunteer will be provided a separate room with a bed and some furniture. They are offered Nepali delicious food (Dal/bhat, vegetable) twice a day. Tea is served several time. One kitchen is also provided to volunteer if they want to cook themselves.

We have 24 hours free wi-fi internet in our farm house.


Not requirement.

What Else

We request a donation of $6 a day to help towards food costs.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets