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Jaipur, India
Minimum Stay:
2 weeks onwards
English, Hindi


Working in Jaipur Be part of colorful India!

This is the Deal

The Jaipur Inn Hotel is a family-run hotel founded in 1976. Located right in the heart of the ‘Pink City’ and with over 3 decades of experience in hosting we love to make people happy and provide an unforgettable stay in India's most visited City!

Join us and give your helping hand in:

1) * Most needed *
Nurse, physical therapist, elderly care nurse

Our Hotel is run by the owners family, who is also living in here. After a difficult operation my father needs care as he is bedridden now. If you have any experiences as a nurse or elder care nurse, physical therapist or doctor please contact us. Also elder experienced women and men are most welcome.

2) Social Networking and Web Development

*Requires your own equipment (laptop, camera)*

I am looking for someone to help bring in customers through developing our internet presence. If you're good with web marketing, your work would consist of developing new content (writing and updating texts, taking photos, making videos, creating animations, updating graphics, programming new features, etc). We need to maintain and update our current site and Facebook page and also find new venues for increasing our online sales and ways of interacting with social media followers. The current aim is to increase the amount of Indian customers as the number of foreigners traveling to India is dwindling due to the financial crisis.

3) Can you paint?

We are looking for artists, mural painters, sign painters or anyone handy with a big brush to paint the Jaipur Inn. We are looking for sign painters, wall painters and even decorators. There is also a lot of general painting to be done on iron structures and wooden doors and windows, or add your personal touch by painting artwork to be hung around the hotel.

4) Chefs and Cooks

We love cooks! If you're a chef and you have time you could develop our rooftop kitchen, make your own menu and cook for our guests. We also love to have people cook for us! If you're handy in the kitchen you can cook interesting food for me and my family, we love to try cuisine from around the world.

5) Roof top Host

If you like to hang out with guests, you could help to run the Amber Nectar rooftop lounge, open until 9 PM each evening. Right now we are serving soft drinks and a few snacks whenever there is a HelpX, and you can play your own music on our sound system and enjoy the beautiful terrace as the sun goes down.

6) Yoga Instructor

We are looking for a talented yoga instructor to offer classes for our guests. If you are a practitioner of yoga we would love to have you come and provide your services for our guests.

7) Receptionist

I would also like to try having a helper to work at the reception desk for several hours each day, so if you have any experience with that sort of work, it could be useful. Even if you don't have experience, you can quickly learn how to do the few tasks required.

8) Stories Project

Many of the structures and features of the inn have been done by guests and have a story behind them. We would like someone to make small laminated signs which describe these stories to show our guests the history of the Jaipur Inn.

I am also looking for people to help with a biography of my father, the founder of the inn. My father has had a rich life with many chapters, and I want to document his experiences. This is a big project, but it can be done by multiple people. If you wanted to help me with this project you could do a small section of his life story and we can incorporate it into the rest of the biography.

9) Recipe Project

We are currently building a recipe book of different dishes from around the world. We have gotten recipes from our helpXers and guests from many different countries, and are always looking for more! We hope to eventually compile them into a book and publish it, we would love for you to add a recipe or help us with the compilation.

10) Photo Project

We love pictures!! If you're a photographer we would love for you to come and lend your talents to helping us fill our hotel with your art. We also need photos for our website and social networking, so there's tons of room to add your work.

11) Walking Tours

We need people to help us offer walking tours of the city for our guests. This is a great way to get to know the city and also to meet and interact with our guests. Some previous helpXers have started a walking tour pamphlet and we are looking for more help refining and adding to this project.

12) Carpenter / Architect / Designer

We are looking to expand our hotel! We need an architect or designer to help us utilize some interesting space we want to develop into guest rooms. We will need skilled carpenters to help us build our vision. We also want to build teepees for guests! If you are knowledgeable about these endeavors we would love to have you, we are also interested in cob building and other sustainable building practices.

13) General Manager

*Long-Term Commitment*

We are looking for a dedicated volunteer who wants to take on a more involved role in the operations of the hotel. If you are interested in a long-term stay, we need someone who can act as manager of the Inn during the off-season so that we may have some time off ourselves! This position would require more time and experience than our other projects, if you are interested in this please inquire for more details.

Welcome Skills: commitment, sense of humor, Cooking, Computer, administration, research skill


In exchange for your work I offer a room in the hotel with a great view over the city. The room is basic, there is TV and attached bathroom and it is very private; it has ceiling fans but no A/C, but being at the highest point on the hotel you get nice breezes. I will provide basic ingredients for you to cook your own lunch or dinner, one meal per day. You will take care of the rest of the meals at your own expense.

What Else

There are many projects to be done here, you can work at what you are most happy with! Please bring your own Laptop and camera along with you.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets