Matthew Murray

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Lopez Island, Wa. Usa
Minimum Stay:
1 week


Freedom Farm

"Good day at work and nature fishing and hiking meditation"

This is the Deal

I have a 5 acre farm and I am building a 2500 square ft. home and I am at the sheet rock stage and finish carpentry and some hardwood flooring and some tile floors the showers and tub surrounds are tiled their is some battens to put on the siding and some finish trim on the building their is a fence to build and I would like to build a lean to. So I have two trailers and a huge garden and have much salmon and crab clams ect. to eat. Island beef and lamb, I like meditation and yoga and do not allow drunkeness on the property so we do a lot of activities other than drink.

Welcome Skills: carpentry, massonry, Gardening


I have a 5 acre farm on the San Juan islands in Wa. I host woofers so there is a huge garden and always people and food available we have a out side kitchen and 2 trailers a house that is furnished that I am building and their is plenty of camping. a tepi and other shelters. We eat all kinds of organic veggies and wild fish and meat.

What Else

I do not tolerate drunkeness a beer here and there is OK I promote yoga and meditation and health.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets