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Bhaktapur, Nepal
Minimum Stay:
2 nights


Very comfortable place to stay

"I love Nepal and promoting it to Westerners."

This is the Deal

I had a few issues with the lovely apartment where I was staying, so I told everyone I knew to find me an entire building. Well, someone did and it is a lovely guest house in a beautiful, ancient village in the Kathmandu Valley.

The village is so lovely I want to help make it even better. I would love to host a volunteer to come and do a project with plastic or something in the organic farming for the village. It could even be a bio project. Really anything. I have plenty of room and you will have a great time.

The restaurant isn't open yet, but I have helpers who can cook for you. This is a really sweet gig.

I can't seem to find the Welcome Skills button but other skills are obvious. The computer skills need is to help promote my guest house, eBook, Nepal: A Tourist's Manual, and the my website or other project.

Welcome Skills: Computer


My guest house overlooks an amazing view of the Kathmandu Valley, including some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and of course the Himalayas.

You will have a shared room, bunk bed, with a bathroom right outside of the room. You can have a key so only you and your roommate (if you have a roommate) will use it.

There are four rooms on each floor. One of the rooms is a living room, so you don't need to just feel trapped in your room. There is also room on the roof with tables and umbrellas for chilling out.

There is usually a nice breeze in Changunarayan because we are higher than Kathmandu. The village is really ancient and lovely.

What Else

You can look at my website and blog for ideas about my projects. I need bloggers to write a guest article about their adventures here, editing, promoting it on the web by posting links and writing in forums. You may want to start a new email account for it.

I'd like to have a botanical trail to keep tourists in this village longer, repair the brick ponds and put fish in them for the people to have and then put a solar waterfall and maybe a deity in it. There is so much that could be done. There isn't a sanitary landfill anywhere in Nepal, so any ideas as to what to do with the garbage would be wonderful. I have something in mind to do with the plastic, but whatever your vision would be great.

my website
my website

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets