Lerchen Nest

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Mödling Next Vienna, Austria
Minimum Stay:
3 days
German, English, French


art and spirituality

This is the Deal

a 3 story house with a small dance studio and a bigger one in process of finishing.

the house is for living and artistic and spiritual research.

a dance group (vimprodaco - vienna improvisations dance company) has trainings here and at an other place.

of corse you will be invited to take part in the trainings.

Welcome Skills: Building


the house is located in moedling -a small town of 20,000 people in the the greater vienna region- 5 minutes from the railway station - approximately half an hour to vienna city center with public transport or car - and 15 minutes walk to the woods and a 12 minutes bicycle drive to a small lake with free bathing. romantic rocks - possibility of rock climbing - vineyards. old buildings from the renaissance time in moedling.

What Else

its a non smoking house - there is a smoking room

if you want to stay here you can help and participate with cleanings, construction (finishing the bigger studio), film editing, home-page-developements, filming, artistic co-research, taking part in performances and probably a lot more.

at the very moment construction and home-page-development skills are most welcome :)

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets