Nitish Madan

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New Delhi, India
Minimum Stay:
3 Months
Hindi & English


Stay in a traditional Indian home and work with the English language

"The beauty of Nature. Working to support her wild animals and help the world to learn to live sustainably."

This is the Deal

Work in the office of an international exporter of Ayurvedic herbs, cosmetics and Indian handicrafts, writing emails and responding to customer inquiries from around the world. Interact with Indians from all across the country employed in the various departments of the company, discovering the answers to your questions and learning first hand about the modern Indian life. Enjoy a true experience in the heart of 21st Century India.

Welcome Skills: Computer, email, Internet, Native English, Basic Writing, Cheerful


A private room in a beautiful flat in Northern New Delhi, with a separate entrance to a first floor balcony overlooking a beautiful park. The flat is shared with the family of the company founder. Traditional North Indian homemade cuisine freshly cooked for each meal. All necessities provided.

What Else

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets