Gabriele Amekuedi

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Frankfurt, Germany
Minimum Stay:
One year
German and English



"My believes"

This is the Deal

I will be alone with three children (12, 8 and 6 years old) and I have to work but don´t earn a lot, so in order to keep things going and make life possible I need help, I overwork otherwise and I need a tiny little bit of time to do my yoga.
The job will be to make sure, that the children will go to school in the morning and to take them to their activities, like swimming, soccer, music, art-class, dancing and their games on the weekend. You need to be there in the evening, when I go for my yogaclass twice a week and sometimes I need to work in the evening, too.
Prefer a young male person, who will share the room with the 12 year old boy.
We are Vegan/vegatariens and like international food.
Some housework has to be done of course.
Thanks for your interesst!

Welcome Skills: Social skills


It´s a three room appartment in the city in a 100 year old house near the trainsstation. It is interssting. but not very modern.

What Else

We like Rasta and Reggae and we don´t watch regular TV, only Movies from time to time.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets