Dog Sledding Iceland

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Minimum Stay:
3 to 6 months - we are looking for people to stay at least 6months period or more - short period are welcome too during the high season


Volunteers for dog sledding touring

"Unique experience - great people - amazing opportunity"

This is the Deal

This is not a 8 to 5 job. It is a life style.
We dedicate ourselves to the dogs and their well being.
The work is to take care of sled dogs, grooming, feeding,cleaning.
Maintenance of the equipment, meeting with tourists.
If you have the required qualifications, show good motivation and stay for a long period we can even teach you and train you to operate the sleds.

Welcome Skills: commitment, sense of humor, Interpersonal skills, Any gardening or building skills welcome!, Child Care


We live wherever the snow take us, luxury is not part of the program.
We can be leaving in a hut, tent, caravan, van... We usually do not have electricity and get access to a shower once in a while.
We live close to nature in a very simple way

What Else

We are looking for cheerful persons, that can handle hard work in though conditions. Living in a close space with no privacy.
Preferably looking for people with dog sledding experience (with greenlandics dogs)
Or mountains guides experience.
Basically an active outdoor person

+ Smokers allowed

- Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets


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