Javier Zuñiga

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Puriscal, Costa Rica
Minimum Stay:
1 week
Spanish and English


villasmastatal horganic regenerative agriculture

This is the Deal

Villasmastatal is a family ranch on sustainable and regenerative operation of living. In addition to providing a peaceful place that facilitates connection with nature,by the proximity to the national park La Cangreja 5.000 acres of natural flora and fauna .villasmastatal strives to inspire each volunteers to relax, enjoy and explore ways in which they can incorporate the concept of sustainability into their own lives.

We are a local Costa Rican family living on a small organic farm. We are in the process of creating a sustainable living susituation by utilizing permaculture techniques, protecting the forrest that surrounds us, and participating in our local economy.

Welcome Skills: Gardening, Cooking, Any gardening or building skills welcome!, Child Care, Computer, research skill, marketing


We have individual rooms for volunteers,and private cabins as my website are welcome. The guest house is located near the main family my website must clean their own room and bathroom. Please be quiet after 9 p.m. in the rooms and be considerate of other familly end oder volunteers.

Our food Volunteers eat with the family
rice and beans, fruit,and salad are always served. We also make bread, tortillas, empanadas,
eggs, cheese, soups, and Meat is occasionally
available vegetarians and vegans are easily accommodated.

What Else

we produce organic crops. We have pig, chickens for eggs,fish (tilapia), dogs, 1 cat and several my website make our own homemade cheese from cow's milk and now we are focusing on building more organiccrops, specifically fresh vegetables like chilies,tomatoes, yuca, oranges, lemon, pineapple, sweet potatos, zuchini, mango, papaya, aguacate, cucumber, mustard, starfruit, pejibaye, platano, banana, chayote, frijoles, carrot and other locally grown vegetables. There are volunteer opportunities for construction projects,gardening, and working with medicinal plants here on our farm as well.

Projects on the farm include:

Natural Building
Planting Trees
Maintaining and Harvesting Crops
Maintaining the Medicinal Garden
and Taking Care of the Animals
hydroponic system
Aquaponics system
creative with ceramic art
Organic Agriculture
Medicinal plants
Certified Yoga teachers
Cheese makers
we are in the maintenance of the plantation of COFFEE

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets