Andrew Schwerin

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Eureka Springs, United States
Minimum Stay:
3 months
English, with varying Spanish skills.


Small, Family, Organic, Diversified Farm

"Producing and distributing healthy food to our community."

This is the Deal

We make a living off 1 acre of vegetables and small fruits while managing animals on the surrounding 8 acres of land. We are interested in long term work exchange of about 25 hours a week for food and simple housing, April through October. Experienced hands may stay for shorter terms.


We are next to a creek with lots of trees around. We have a small yurt for visitors. For long term stays, we may work together to add improvements like electricity, plumbing, or insulation. We will cover your food, basic expenses, and simple shelter.

What Else

We are a serious farm, and there are responsibilities mostly consisting of morning-long hard work. That being said, fun and exploration is most welcome when the day's work is done.
Also, we do have our own family life, and it works out best if a pair comes together, or a single person who likes spending time alone in nature.
This would work out best for people who really want to try their hand at learning how to make a living growing food.

- Smokers allowed

- Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets