Emy Yerfo

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Bastimentos, Panama
Minimum Stay:
6 weeks
English, Spanish


Starting a Permaculture Farm and Eco-lodge

This is the Deal

Who we are:
We are a young family running a hostel on Isla Bastimentos in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We have bought a piece of land on a virgin Island which is right next to Isla Bastimentos. Here we are starting a permaculture food forest, we plan to plant fruits, herbs, vegetables and medicinal plants. Also raise chickens for eggs and farm fresh and salt water fish.

We are looking for experienced and motivated volunteers to help us develop our permaculture farm and homestead on this beautiful and virgin island. The property is located directly on the caribbean sea, it's about 2.5HA of densely vegetated jungle, except for a small area that was partially cleared to start farming.

Some of the on-going or near future projects involve:
Building composting or biodigester toilets
Treat wood
Mapping contours and features
Making and maintaining trails
Making ponds
Building small dam
Make more planting beds
Complete dock
Build greenhouse
Build adobe houses
Build timber storage area
Build tool shed and workshop
Water management, harvesting and storing
Make more swells
Clear vegetation
Starting seeds and cuttings
Transplanting plants and trees
Build nursery
Start farming mushrooms
Wood chipping
Researching and identifying native plant species
Researching and identifying new species to plant based on location and climate

Welcome Skills: permaculture, organic farming, carpentry, carpenters!, Construction


About the house and area:
The house is located 5 minutes away by foot from the area we are farming. The house is build on a hill overlooking the sea, it has its own dock from which you can go swimming, WIFI, a small solar array, rain catch for water, emergency generator, hot water, cooking stove and fridge. There are 2 bedrooms, an attic and 2 bathrooms. Usually there are 3-6 volunteers at the house. Keep in mind that the house off the grid and power and water can be limited at times, so volunteers must be mindful when using these resources.
The island is mainly inhabited except for a few homes. There are many trail along te island where you can walk and explore, it's very safe; you will probably encounter no other human life! bring your compass :-)

There are numerous trails to explore the nature and wild life of the island. So far we have seen sloths, snakes, caimans, dolphins, manta rays, various types of reptiles, red frogs, snapping turtles and some amazing birds. There are a few reefs near by where you can snorkel. You can also fish from the dock. Bocas town is 12 minutes by boat and Bastimentos it's about 7 minutes away. There is a small boat you can use, there is no engine but is light to paddle and often there is kayak available. Bring you own snorkeling and fishing gear.

What Else

Location: Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets