Njimetu Farmers Organization

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Bamenda, Cameroon
Minimum Stay:
Two weeks
English, French


Volunteer Opportunity In Cameroon (Mbengwi)

This is the Deal

The NJIMETU FARMERS ORGANISATION (njifao) is a non-profit making my website organazation has as objective to;
Promote economic and social welfare ot villagers and participate in improving living conditions by reducing unemployment and promoting income generating my website activities are;

-Animal Farming
-Enviromental Protection
-Training On Capasity Builing
-Arts And Craft
Just to name a few.

Welcome Skills: Child Care, commitment, Any gardening or building skills welcome!, Computer, Gardening


For volunteers carrying out projects in rural my website is a five room appartment with a cook to ensure that there is always somting to chew.
For those in with projects in cities Hotels or Host farmillies are arrange.

What Else

The NJIMETU FARMERS ORGANIZATION has a hand full of my website all our volunteers participates in doing what they can do best

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets