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Nakuru, Kenya
Minimum Stay:
1 week--3months-years if wish
English, Kiswahili


Volunteer/ Travel Responsibly

" Impactful Volunteers changes lives for better"

This is the Deal

If anyone is looking for a unique Kenyan experience, volunteering is
a great way to have the best possible time. Bliss aims to provide an
opportunity to everyone who wants to perform volunteer work in Kenya.
Bliss will assist a team or an individual in setting more relevant and
realistic expectations and plans. May it be in childcare, healthcare,
teaching, wildlife conservation and more.
Transparency and proper communication will be offered to ensure your
time and skills are greatly utilized over a range of different
Volunteering is free,
Bliss will offer the best opportunities, advice and travel information
to volunteers.
Bliss brings people together i.e. community, volunteers and travelers
Bliss will ensure you make the right decisions in areas where you
wish to volunteer.
Bliss is the key to a great VOLUNTEER experience.
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For an authentic experience of life in Kenya, we offer our volunteers the option of living with a welcoming, local family. You will have your own room which is separate from the main house and has its own bathroom with hot water. In the main house, you have the kitchen where the family cooks traditional Kenyan food for you, and of course, you are also invited to cook food from your own country and share with the family. There is also a large lounge where you can share your experiences and enjoy the company. The house has all amenities such as running water, 220V electricity, internet, TV, microwave and a beautiful view of Lake Nakuru. Their neighbor is also the director of the organization. The room is very bright and spacious and can accommodate several volunteers.

We also offer the option of living in a rented house in Nakuru. There are a wide range of possibilities and prices according to size and location, we'll help you find the one that best suits your needs on arrival

What Else

Life in Kenya is sure to fascinate you, especially the joy of its people and outlook on life, its landscapes, culture and my website cannot go without going on a SAFARI we love our volunteers and even after volunteering we keep in touch.

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets