Connie Cunninghama

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Morrison, Usa
Minimum Stay:
Minimum stay is 2 weeks. Maximum has been up to three months.


free range goose farm and B&B in the rolling hills of Missouri

"I work in the local foods and agritourism areas when not working here."

This is the Deal

I am looking for general help around the farm (and B&B when needed). Everything from basic animal care to painting, building and repairing when needed.

I may need help with the B&B at times.


Our farm is in the bottom of a 100 acre valley, with a lake to fish and half in timber for hiking.

Guest accommodations are the first floor of the old barn, which is where I live (on the 2nd floor). There is a queen bed, living room space, air conditioned, satellite TV, wireless, semi private bathroom and small kitchenette.

As well as a library if you enjoy reading.

What Else

I need people who already familiar with tools and equipment. There are too many ways to hurt yourself on a farm, so experience is needed in those areas. Attention to details are also important. Because everything, (everything) is purposeful on a farm.

Fair warning: I do background checks and expect to have references to contact.... I have worked extensively with WWOOOF and Workaways. So have done this quite a few times.

There is no smoking in the buildings, no drugs, no guns brought on to the property and no alcohol til after work hours. A copy of your application and information will be on file at our local police station. I hate to sound so strict, but we have had our share of questionable people here and feel like we need to have that understanding with applicants..

Honesty and integrity are very important to us. You can expect that from us as well.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets