Emerge Kids In Sports

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Accra, Ghana
Minimum Stay:
1 week
English, German


Volunteer to teach sports and organized activities in Ghana

This is the Deal

The volunteer program enables you to experience life in West Africa and participate in the many programs that are run. You will have the opportunity to try different roles and programs, dependent on your interests and skills. Volunteers are also encouraged to initiate activities such as dance, music, games, sports, arts, and crafts. Our volunteer(s) come from many countries of the world.

We want to make your volunteer experience with the Clubs as meaningful and convenient as possible. There are many potential volunteer activities, including:

Become a Board of Director
Mentor and Support a child
Coach an Emerge Kids Sports team
Raise funds to ensure that Emerge Kids reaches all children
Teach our Classes
Work in our Administration sector
Volunteer within tournaments/special events
Youth/Leadership Development


Lodging will be with selected host families . We will also pick our volunteers from and to the airport and give them orientations

What Else

Travel around Ghana
Volunteers may wish to include travel plans while they are volunteering, and Emerge Kids encourages its volunteers to explore the country’s many cultural, historic and religious sites. Weekends will be best to travel around since it’s free time for volunteers. We can provide assistance and advice on travel, but volunteers will have to cover all their own expenses.

The three main modes of transportation in Ghana are bus (tro tro), taxis and hired car (expensive). You should ask at our office for current price ranges for each.

Our coordinator(s) will help you plan your trips all over Ghana.

You should be prepared to take out travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Ghana

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets