Pardada Pardadi

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New Delhi, India
Minimum Stay:
6 months
Hindi, English


Volunteer at Pardada Pardadi!

This is the Deal

This is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to take a gap year between university and entering the job force, professionals looking to give back to the international community, or retired individuals wishing to continue experiencing life to the fullest.

We are looking for professionals with skills that contribute to the PPES mission, and if you feel that you have a specific skill set or project idea that would benefit PPES, please contact us. In addition to teaching English or working with the medical side of the school or the Community Development Division, volunteers with appropriate skills are encouraged to develop and implement projects appropriate to PPES.

We prefer volunteers who are able to stay for a minimum of six months, with the option to extend for one year or longer after a review. Well-designed, short-term project proposals will also be considered for three-month assignments.


All volunteers will be provided with full room and board in Anupshahr, within the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh in India. Volunteers working from Delhi will have their own room in the Delhi office and volunteers working from the village (where the school is located) will be given their own room in the school’s Teachers’ Colony. Additionally, volunteers will be given transportation to and from the Delhi airport, transportation to and from the village, and assistance to sightsee in Delhi.

What Else

The Pardada Pardadi Educational Society has benefited from the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteers from the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia so far.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets