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Virudhunagar, India
Minimum Stay:
1 week
Tamil, English


Tamil Nadu, India Orphanage Volunteers needed

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The Dayspring is home to children who have been orphaned from parents who passed away from HIV/AIDS, or from parents who can no longer care for them. It's located near the town of Virudhunagar with Madurai the closest city.

The home is funded by Blossom Trust and was built in early 2007 through kind donations of a charity in Sweden. At present, we provide a home for 20 children (11 boys and 9 girls) aged between 7 - 13 years old. Through the home, they are given a stable location; they are offered nutritious meals, attend the local government school, and are given the necessary care to help them develop into healthy human beings. We are directed under a trust fund, a non-profit organisation who addresses issues concerning women’s and children’s rights in South India.

We are directed under a trust fund , a non-profit organization who addresses issues concerning women’s and children’s rights in South India.

Established in 1993. Its initial aim was to help undeserved women and children in the Tamil Nadu province of Southern India. The organization’s initial focus was on women economic empowerment and social problems that negatively impact women. However, through our work with village communities in Tamil Nadu, it has broadened their focus to support the villages needs, especially individuals and families suffering from the stigmas of HIV/AIDs, TB or single parent families. In order to represent, protect and empower these communities, It has expanded its work to economic development, health, social well-being and environmental awareness.


Promotional and Office work:
Primarily volunteers play a fundamental role in our fundraising and child sponsorship program. Work done by volunteers includes typing grant applications and project proposals, updating the website, researching funding bodies and various other English editing.

Help in facilitating the children in the home before and after school.
Teaching them English or any other skills or craft that you may know.

Organic Farming:
Working directly with the crops, eg, planting, nurturing, picking.
General maintenance on the farm.

Daily Routine
6am: Get up and help the children with chores in the home/farm
8.30am: Breakfast & take the local bus to Virudunagar
9.30am - 4pm: Work in the office or help on the farm
Evening: play time, help the children with homework and have dinner
Sunday is a free day and can be spent exploring the area


Volunteer Accommodation
We have 2 rooms available at the Dayspring for our volunteers which are adjoined to the home. Both have fans, western style toilets, 1 with an ensuite and the other access to a shared bathroom. The home has a water purification system so you will always have access to clean drinking water.

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Volunteer Reviews

Thea (17/12/2012)
I stayed here for 2 weeks. You stay with the children out in a rural village. It is very peaceful and beautiful. I really enjoyed planting the garden and reading books with the kids from the library.

The town close by is great to go and see for the day and do some office work. The markets are very colorful. I enjoyed spending two weeks in this part of Tamil Nadu.

Thank you to Mercy and Blossom Trust. I hope their work continues.

Emma (23/11/2012)
I have had a great time here!the children are great and its lovely and peaceful at the orphanage. The offices are fun and busy to work in, there are some great projects to do,i wish i could stay longer!

Christine (18/02/2012)
This is my first time in india.
It is a super organisation that supports so many people in Tamil Nadu.

the orphanage is near a village 30min away from the city, this is where you sleep.. they can host 4 people max
the kids are great and the people are wonderful.
if you stay a while they will show you all of their projects.
and there are a lot!!

You should come here if you like to work with or for children. I guarantee that you will have a good experience here

Shaquede gabrielle (13/02/2012)
Located in the village of Chittur, outside the city of Virudunagar, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It has about 20 children living there between the ages 0f 5-12, with two adults. They live on a working farm, which means they have many chores to do around there. In the morning they help out with farm and house chores, and then go to school. They come back in the afternoon and then do some homework, more chores, and play a bit before going to sleep.
As a volunteer, you will stay in the farm with the children, eat and work with them. The accommodations are a separate room from the children with a bathroom and shower (cold water only). The meals are traditional Indian food, that is provided by the Dayspring home.
While the children are in school, you can help out in the main office in Virudunagar or take on other projects in the farm. There is a lot to be done and it is mainly up to you what you decide to do. You can chose to work around the farm, or do educational projects with the kids, help fundraising and with administrative work in the office. The office is located in Virudunagar and the Dayspring Home in Chittur, to get around between them you need to take a bus which is only an half hour away.
It is a very welcoming place and the children are very curious and loving. It is a great place to give and get from. We truly recommend volunteering here.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets


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