Durga Ghimire

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Kathmandu, Nepal
Minimum Stay:
2 weeks
English, Nepali, Hindi


Volunbteer in Nepal Teaching children Health Care Volunteer

This is the Deal

Are you looking for a volunteer work experience, career break, or just a meaningful travel experience, Inside-Nepal offers a variety of volunteering programs in Nepal. When you volunteer in Nepal with us you receive a great volunteering experience and are guaranteed a professional support network to guide you throughout your stay in Nepal. Socially acceptable and financially independent volunteering program are located in multicultural environment where people are helping and my website Volunteer programs are the perfect way to help others, make a difference, find purpose, enjoy a meaningful conversation, feel involved, use your skills in a productive way, develop new skills, meet new people,explore new areas of interest, impress yourself, expand your horizons, make new friends and Strengthen your resume.

Our Volunteer opportunities:
Teaching English
Homestay and Cultural Exchange
Health and Sanitation Awareness Program
Environmental Awareness
Women Empowerment Program
Income Generating Training
Teach and Learn at Monastary
Orphanage Volunteer Program
Organic Farming and Permaculture


Volunteers generally stay with a local host family but if they are working in an orphanage they usually stay in the orphanage and volunteers working at the monastery stay at the monastery. Nepali people are extremely hospitable and volunteers will be well looked after ; however the accommodation will be typically Nepali and therefore basic by Western standards. Toilets and showers are usually Nepali style, and the electricity supply in many places can be unreliable. Most of our homestay families have lots of previous experience in looking after volunteers. All volunteers are given their own single room.

Based on Nepalese dining customs, the host provides two major meals a day plus two tea and snack breaks. Tea is served around 7 am. Brunch is served around 9 to 10 am and is usually typical Nepalese food, dal/bhat (rice, lentils, and vegetables). Tea is served again at around 2 pm with local snacks. Dinner is at around 7 to 8 pm. The food is very simple but also extremely tasty and filling. In addition, it is possible to purchase other food items if required.

Working Hours
The number of hours worked by volunteers will depend upon the placement. The Nepali working week is from Sunday – Friday with Saturday being the only day off. Volunteers work between 3-5 hours per day with the opportunity to work more if they choose. Times for each placement vary, when working in children’s homes and the library volunteers will teach and help the children in the morning before school and for a few hours after school. Hours are approximately 7-9am and 4-6pm. However these are just approximations, as we try and tailor the hours to the needs of the children.

What Else

We offer 3 days to 5 days of orientation and training at our office, depending on the type of programs. These trainings help volunteers to understand our organization, various programs and opportunities, country, Nepali language and culture, safety measures, visa issues, dos and don’ts, etc. During the orientation and training period in Kathmandu, we arrange placements in local host families within walking distance of Thamel. This provides them an introduction to Nepalese family, language and culture.

During the orientation and training period, you will be participating in:*2 hours basic Nepali language class per day
*Cultural information/safety issues
*Volunteers’ interests, programs & opportunities, and placement information
*Sightseeing in Kathmandu every day after training
*Shopping opportunities upon request

+ Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

+ Have animals/pets