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Casterton, Australia
Minimum Stay:
Three days with extension if we get on.


Little market garden in a little town

This is the Deal

Garden Larder is a little market garden specialising in rare and unusual fruit and vegetables. I take pride in the variety and quality of my veg and love to encourage others to grow food at home.

I am happy to host any volunteer who has an interest in growing food and learning about food plants. Work depends on the time of year but usually includes weeding, planting, selling at markets, harvesting, saving seed. Work is in small lots of different things so you don't get tired or bored.

NO SMOKERS OR DRINKERS. You will be treated as part of the family so please respect my elderly parents and showers are limited in summer. Internet is limited but we have signal if you want to use your own laptop

VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE INSURANCE. 2nd year visas can be signed if you have a current working visa.


We live in a small town in Victoria. You can get here by bus. Local things to do on your days off might include - swimming pool, bushwalking

Accommodation is a small, simple cabin and meals are with the family.

What Else

Volunteers with a good sense of humour and easy going are welcome and must be adaptable.

- Smokers allowed

+ Internet Access

- Have animals/pets