Life on a Biodynamic Farm!

Oregon, Usa for min. 1 week, max. 2 weeks +
Established 10 years ago, the farm is located in Roseburg, Oregon. Our 107 acre property is dedicated to Biodynamic farming and preservation of the natural ecosystem. We use only organic methods of agriculture. We have about 300 fruit and nut trees, a 1 acre garden, Jersey and highland cattle, goats and Tamworth pigs. We are committed to seed saving and are growing mostly heirloom varieties. We are looking for people interested in experiencing life on a biodynamic farm. We welcome people for a period of 2 weeks at time.
Oregon, Usa
min. 1 week, max. 2 weeks +

Rhio's Garden

Eldred, United States for 1 week, but prefer 2-3 weeks +
We are a truganic, biodynamic, permaculture farm located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, we have 24 acres, 4 in wetlands, 2 fenced in vegetable gardens, 2 young fruit and nut orchards, and herb gardens. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are ever used. All inputs are organic. No GMOs. We appreciate volunteers, both full season and short-term. Season is April through October/November. We appreciate 5 hours of work per day, 6 days per week. Volunteers help with planting, transplanting, weeding, spreading hay and other mulches, hauling, fertilizing, harvesting, making biodynamic preps, clearing of brush, stacking of wood logs, rototilling, building fences, pathways, ponds, compost boxes, other building projects, etc. We can pick you up from the ShortLines Bus Terminal in Monticello, NY. Food provided is vegan/vegetarian. Opportunities for outdoor recreation, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, zipline nearby. There is also a beautiful Buddhist temple close by and they have $5. vegetarian dinners... a good place to meet some interesting people.
Eldred, United States
1 week, but prefer 2-3 weeks +

Organic farm and yoga centre on an offshore island

Near Westport, Ireland for 2 weeks, but only 1 week for skilled workers (carpenter, gardener) +
240 acres farm (some of it planted with trees) on an island off the West coast of Ireland. We have ducks, sheep and horses, as well as the usual cats and dogs. We grow most of our vegetables and fruit in our gardens and polytunnels and in the spring and summer, we produce yoghurt and cheese from sheep's milk. We also run a yoga and meditation retreat centre and training courses in vegetarian cooking, natural horsemanship and in various aspects of sustainable living. We are looking for people to help us with gardening, farm work, house maintenance, ongoing building projects, cleaning, cooking and the general running of the farm and retreat centre. Non smokers only, preferably people with an active interest in organic food production, self sufficiency, natural horsemanship or sustainable living. An interest in yoga or meditation would also be an advantage, as this is an important part of life at Macalla farm. No teenagers. About 30 hours work / week, most of it outdoor, with one or two days off / week. We offer in exchange comfortable accommodation, delicious organic vegetarian food, occasional yoga instruction, and this very special island experience. Horse riding is possible for experienced riders but not for beginners.
Near Westport, Ireland
2 weeks, but only 1 week for skilled workers (carpenter, gardener) +

First Aquaponic Farm to recieve Organic Certification in

Ponchatoula, Louisiana, United States for 30 days +
We work 6 hours a day Mon-Fri and 4 on Saturday. We concentrate in the production of Moringa (The Miracle Tree) and greenhouse production as well as the production of lettuce in aquaponic system. Normally start around 7 a.m. for breakfast, work till 1:00 p.m., We do weeding, seeding and harvesting or organic fertilizer processing. Then take lunch and then a siesta for two hours and then work 2 hours on special projects in the afternoon.
Ponchatoula, Louisiana, United States
30 days +


Frankfurt, Germany for One year +
I will be alone with three children (12, 8 and 6 years old) and I have to work but don´t earn a lot, so in order to keep things going and make life possible I need help, I overwork otherwise and I need a tiny little bit of time to do my yoga. The job will be to make sure, that the children will go to school in the morning and to take them to their activities, like swimming, soccer, music, art-class, dancing and their games on the weekend. You need to be there in the evening, when I go for my yogaclass twice a week and sometimes I need to work in the evening, too. Prefer a young male person, who will share the room with the 12 year old boy. We are Vegan/vegatariens and like international food. Some housework has to be done of course. Thanks for your interesst!
Frankfurt, Germany
One year +

Sonja Schlesner

Wisconsin, 53115 for +
I have been growing an Organic Vegetable operation since 2005. We grow approximately 2 acres of vegetables with over 40 raised beds. We grow primarily heirlooms and our four main crops are lettuces, kales, garlic & tomatoes. We also have animals on the farm. Goats, a sheep, laying hens, a goose and a duck. We milk the goats and eat the male offspring. During the summer months we contract pigs (they are pre-sold). We are also working on establishing our peach tree orchard this year. We will be transplanting out our our 4 year old nursery saplings this spring.
Wisconsin, 53115
no minimum stay

Duck Dance Farm

Burnsville, United States for 2 weeks +
We live on a spectacular 4 acres at the base of Mt. Mitchell on an old trout farm with seven ponds and a hard running creek on the property. We raise a variety of heritage breed dual purpose poultry with our primary focus being the preservation of endangered domestic duck breeds. We raise 8 breeds of ducks, 3 breeds of geese, french guinea fowl and a couple of chickens. We use non GMO feed Our ponds are stocked and we regularly harvest fish for our own consumption. We ask 25 hours a week labor. Building skills much appreciated. You will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the small farm poultry business from incubation to harvest. We do it all tours, workshops, eggs, meat, and live birds. We incubate and have mother raised birds. We offer good omnivore chow and are happy to accommodate vegetarians. We are artists and entrepreneurs looking to create a sustainable permaculture farm in a peaceful mountain setting. We are not open to children at the moment. No pets please. We speak mostly English but are very open to non English speakers. Pat spent many years working with a Spanish speaking population. We very much enjoy hosting people from other countries. We work hard and eat well, no gmos or heavily processed food. Our volunteer helpers have been amazing and we have accomplished much more than we could have imagined at this time thanks to our volunteers. It is a pleasure to see people come to this beautiful and healing land to become strong and healthy with good food and hard work. We are a family of 4. 2 oldsters and 2 in their 20's all working together to get it done. We look forward to helping people enjoy the spectacular Black mountains of western North Carolina.
Burnsville, United States
2 weeks +

welcome in Tanzania to work with us

Iringa,Dar Es Salaam,Mwanza And Simiyu Region, Tanzania for 1 month +
I am a founder of two organizations, at Sadani Education Trust Fund and Hurumia Watoto and UMOA ministry ,a woman's support project since 2007,we worked with several project around Tanzania,I have a Bachelor of Education and arts from St.Augustine university of Tanzania I spend most of my life in helping communities around Tanzania.We are very kind people like sharing ideas and exchange skills. Our Education Trust Fund was formed to help underprivileged children in Tanzania,to help them get education and help community with different project to overcome poverty.
Iringa,Dar Es Salaam,Mwanza And Simiyu Region, Tanzania
1 month +

Strand House Seaweed Farm

Cork, Ireland for 10 days +
The busiest time of the year is in the spring and summer harvesting and drying seavegetables off a boat in Roaring Water bay. After September theres more work in the kitchen producing vegan sausages and pudding. We live in beautiful West Cork.
Cork, Ireland
10 days +

Stay in a traditional Indian home and work with the English

New Delhi, India for 3 Months +
Work in the office of an international exporter of Ayurvedic herbs, cosmetics and Indian handicrafts, writing emails and responding to customer inquiries from around the world. Interact with Indians from all across the country employed in the various departments of the company, discovering the answers to your questions and learning first hand about the modern Indian life. Enjoy a true experience in the heart of 21st Century India.
New Delhi, India
3 Months +

Small paradise in central Portugal, rural campsite, B&B

Figueiro Dos Vinhos, Portugal for 2 weeks +
We are looking for volunteers to help us do all possible things that need doing on our small rural campsite and B&B. We are working with a small team of volunteers a midst nature, peace, clean air and spring water. You must feel like being outdoors a lot, feel like working in a friendly atmosphere with other volunteers and not be picky about what kind of work to do. We do gardening, watering plants, cleaning, taking care of guests, helping in the kitchen, doing all kinds of things on the terrain, maintenance of the buildings, building, construction..... and more!
Figueiro Dos Vinhos, Portugal
2 weeks +

A piece of Paradise, just outside of Byron Bay!

Coorabell, Australia for 2 weeks +
We're an eco-retreat located 20 minutes outside of Byron Bay. We recently acquired an upmarket resort which we are re-decorating and re-energizing. The vision here is to be totally self-sufficient in energy, food and water. We already collect and treat our own water; we're beginning our food gardens; and are planning a gradual shift to renewable energy. We have a large team of people from all over the world staying here together, running the resort and working in the gardens.
Coorabell, Australia
2 weeks +