The Sanctuary

Duncan, Canada for After 3 day trial 1-2 weeks +
We are an active, hard-working couple with a home health business, lots of community activities such as potlucks, music and friends; enjoy sports, bicycling, tennis, baseball, swimming in beautiful Cowichan River, from June - mid Sept. We eat, live and play well, especially if we have someone willing to help get work done!
Duncan, Canada
After 3 day trial 1-2 weeks +

Learn how to manage a self sufficient smallholding

Vojnic, Croatia for 2 months +
We are looking for someone who wants to learn how to setup and manage a(n almost self sufficient) smallholding like ours, or wants to learn about permaculture. We can guide you in managing the household and other volunteers (that are here for a shorter time and work in the garden or have other specific tasks), we can teach you a lot about (permaculture) gardening in 4 seasons, forest gardens and living from the land, keeping chicken and rabbits, handicrafts, blacksmithing...
Vojnic, Croatia
2 months +

Volunteer work in nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal for 1 week to 3 month +
Volunteer in Nepal and support a child Welcome to the Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN). HFN is an officially registered non-government organization (Govt. Regd. No. 935) associated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal (SWC Regd. No. 24693). In 2007 our organization began with The Living Orphanage child which started by offering food, support and shelter to 4 high-risk orphaned children in desperate circumstances, each child with a unique and tragic story. Today the orphanage in Kathmandu has grown to provide care, shelter, support and education for over 15 Orphanage children. We believe that all orphaned children in Nepal deserve a loving home with hope for the future. HFN has expanded its efforts to sponsoring the education of underprivileged children within the community and to offering a variety of volunteer programs that provide essential support to these communities. HFN gives volunteers the opportunity to become involved in social work that raises educational awareness, enhances the lives of villagers and improves educational development. We work in partnership with 6 other orphanages throughout Nepal where volunteers have the opportunityto change lives. Volunteering with HFN will help the lives of these orphaned children and will have a lasting impact on the local community. HFN has various programs that give volunteers the opportunity to work with children in the orphanage, street children, womens empowerment programs, community health (HIV/Aids awareness), , paid teaching jobs, Christian Volunteering Program, Free volunteer program and English teaching directly in the Kathmandu Valley or in rural villages throughout Nepal. HFN also offers ministry opportunities, Church planting, youth missions work, and vocational bible school programs. Let's work together to help make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most!
Kathmandu, Nepal
1 week to 3 month +

art and spirituality

Mödling Next Vienna, Austria for 3 days +
a 3 story house with a small dance studio and a bigger one in process of finishing. the house is for living and artistic and spiritual research. a dance group (vimprodaco - vienna improvisations dance company) has trainings here and at an other place. of corse you will be invited to take part in the trainings.
Mödling Next Vienna, Austria
3 days +

Ironbark Grange

Tamborine, Australia for 2 weeks +
This is very much a cultural exchange (for us and for you) as you will be in our family home sharing our lifestyle. NO SMOKERS OR VEGETARIANS PLEASE.
Tamborine, Australia
2 weeks +

Your Edible Landscape Volunteer Helper Opportunity of a

60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 1 month +
ARE YOU: dependable, resourceful and an experienced self-starter who needs minimal supervision as an Organic Gardener, yet capable of working well in a team environment? ARE YOU: a good time manager, flexible, honest, dedicated, keen to learn and enthusiastic with a passion for learning Organic Gardening, Permaculture and Hügelkultur? ARE YOU: ready to burn some fat and build some muscles doing meaningful and satisfying work rather than pedalling on a stationary bicycle in a gym or jogging nowhere on a treadmill? ARE YOU: a non-smoker? For safety reasons, we prefer non-smokers and those without piercings that can snag on fence wires, and etc. DO YOU: have a great deal of energy, a good work ethic and lots of common sense? Do you garden like a champion? Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty to transform a plain plot of lawn into an amazing Edible Landscape? Come and see for yourself how much we have transformed a grass lawn in just a few short months. Learn how it was done so that you can transform more boring lawns into amazing Edible Landscapes. DO YOU: strive for a complete, meaningful and satisfying learning experience? Are you willing to learn hands-on, the whole process of, say, a hügel project, from start to finish? Please check out this video which explains what is involved in making a Hügel (a self-watering raised garden bed) >> ARE YOU: willing to be a Voluntary Helper, working part-time 6 days a week (on 6-hour ~ not including meal and rest breaks ~ morning shift or afternoon shift) for at least one month? You will get one morning or afternoon off daily and a full day off a week (not necessarily on the weekend) so that you can do your personal errands (banks are closed on weekends and shopping malls are very crowded on the weekends, hence better to run your errands on a weekday). The full day off will be on a rotation basis with other Helpers and may not be rigidly fixed, but is flexible. Of course, Helpers can volunteer for shorter periods of time, but their learning experience will not be so complete and they will not gain the maximum benefit. CAN YOU: do chores such as watering the plants if it hasn’t rained, feeding the cats and dogs, dig shallow holes, weeding, chop up and carry logs, work with saw dust, cut grass, sweep leaves and grass cuttings, gather green leaves and wood chips, prune branches, shovel manure, sand and soil, clean tools and so forth? Even cook and do the dishes? ARE YOU: excited to learn how to safely operate mechanical tools like brush/grass cutters and chainsaws? CAN YOU: carry out the following typical daily routine for a Helper? You can do a morning shift or an afternoon shift ~ or even both if you are keen to fastrack on a steep learning curve. DAILY ROUTINE 0530 hrs Get up with the suboh azan. We are right next to a mosque and the azan *WILL* wake you up. If you can't deal with this and expect the mosque to "tone down," please don't bother applying. 0700 hrs Get chores done near the house and under the streetlights 0800 hrs Get chores done in the orchard and edible landscape 0900 hrs Shower and breakfast 1000 hrs Get more chores done 1330hrs (zohor) Lunch and Siesta ~ Facebook, Skype, YouTube & Twitter time 1600 hrs (asar) Get still more chores done 1930 hrs (maghrib) Clean tools, shower and get ready for dinner 2200 hrs Bedtime DO YOU: also like having a plant library where you can donate and exchange plant cuttings, seeds and planting material? Are we a good fit so far? If YES, please continue, if not, stop reading now and wish you the best of luck in the future. WHO WE ARE: I am the Founder of the Green Party of Malaysia. The Eco-Village Homestay and Foodscape (Edible Landscape) in Kuala Lumpur is a showcase of how we can live sustainably and be largely self-sufficient in terms of food. We live the green life (LOHAS ~ Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) but rather than forcing people to live the same way, we demonstrate the possibilities for them to emulate, if they so wish. We are seeking a special relationship with people who already have existing knowledge and skills and/or inexperienced people who are keen on learning how to transform a plot of lawn into an amazing foodscape (edible landscape). If you already have green fingers or want to learn practical hands-on skills as well as the Theory and Principles of Organic Gardening, Permaculture and Hügelkultur… and are able to work part-time 6 days a week (morning shift or afternoon shift), this just might be your opportunity of a lifetime! You are expected to have sensible work clothes and shoes. WHAT WE WANT: We’re looking for that extra special Voluntary Helper Organic Gardener, Helper Volunteers who have a positive attitude, and are ultra-reliable to get the job done. That means no whiners or lazy people. And please, don’t respond if you're a smoker or have a lot of “personal commitments.” HOW WE PAY: For your hard work and dedication, Voluntary Helpers will be rewarded with FREE Food and Accommodation. Voluntary Helpers will each get to sleep on a single bed in a shared dormitory-style room, in a house. There is a shared toilet, WC and shower. Other benefits for Voluntary Helpers include FREE Wireless Internet during daily Siesta from Zohor to Asar. Volunteer Helpers will benefit from the practical hands-on skills they learn as well as the Theory and Principles of Organic Gardening, Permaculture and Hügelkultur. You'll learn more than just how to save money when you garden without pesticides and chemical fertilizers ~ you'll learn that fresh, natural produce is the ideal nutrition for your body. WHAT TO DO NOW: We’ve gone the extra mile in preparing this Edible Landscaping Volunteer Helpers classified ad. We’re looking for the right Volunteer Helper organic gardener who wants to do something concrete about changing the world. If that’s you, then please do send me your application! You’ll be expected to send me a cover letter, passport scan, references and CV, as well as any other information that you see fit in support of your application. Character references are just as important as references attesting to your skills. Thank you.
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1 month +

Kalikalos Holistic Centre

37012 Pelion, Greece for 3 weeks +
Every summer, to staff the Kalikalos Centre in Greece, we look for individuals with community experience and a holistic perspective, who enjoy working with groups. The opportunities here are somewhat similar to those offered in WWOOFing, except that working in our organic vegetable garden is only one of the many things our staff do. Staff coordinate the centre rhythms, coordinate the vegetarian meals and clean-up, assist with transport to and from the beach, help with gardening, maintenance and shopping, and facilitate staff meetings. Some useful skills here are group process, healing, maintenance, vegetarian cookery, organic gardening, carpentry, building, IT, or fluency in Greek language. The ability to enjoy working in a team where you can balance your own needs with the group needs is an asset. Volunteers come for 3-16 weeks in the summer and work about 32 hr/week with one full day off and every afternoon free for the beach or hiking or just relaxing. We ask for a contribution of €95/week for your first four weeks here to cover food, accommodation and the orientation training we give all new staffers. After that, if you want to stay longer, we hope to be able to offer you full work exchange. We are an international group and part of our richness is the intermingling of people of all ages from many different countries, walks of life, spiritual paths, genders and backgrounds. Visit [[|our website.]] for full details, or email us at giving us a bit of information about yourself, your high dreams and your experience.
37012 Pelion, Greece
3 weeks +

Organic poultry & dairy in South Florida

Davie, Fl, for Min 90 days +
Open positions for internship. Experience is not a must. A will to work hard, learn and gradually get involved in all aspects is what it takes. We will provide the participants with a place to live & fresh food from our farm. Participants will learn everything from raising animals to milking. Growing organic, heirloom crops to processing & more. Min 90 days.
Davie, Fl,
Min 90 days +

Helper wanted in a small backpackers!

Christchurch, New Zealand for two months +
We are looking for one person who will be available from for two to three months. Canterbury House is a small & cosy hostel with trees, lawns and gardens around. Located 15 minutes walk to city centre. We would like to have someone to help our hostel in exchange for food and accommodation e.g. general hostel work cleaning to a high standard, answering telephone, checking customers in/out. Good understanding of the English is essential. This is working for 5 days in a week for two people one doing morning shift and the other person doing afternoon shift, total of 3.5 days in a week with two days a week off. If this is good for you and keen to take the position we would like to interview beforehand. Call us on (03) 377-8108 and ask for Alan or Keiko
Christchurch, New Zealand
two months +

Mountain Serenity

Drake Village, Australia for one week +
Rural property in forested mountain region, close to Northern Rivers region of NSW, close to the lovely Rocky River for swimming and the famous Lunatic Hotel. Retired couple aiming for social harmony, environmental responsibility and economic independence, moving towards self-sufficiency using permaculture/organic methods. Would like to construct using mud-brick techniques, the vegetable garden always needs attention, and extended and seeds sown, fruit trees planted, fencing needs erecting/repairing, current project is the construction of greenhouse. Solar power, satellite internet provided, comfortable beds in private room, or bring your own caravan, camper, tent! Meals can cater for all dietary requirements, vegetarian, vegan, celiac, meat eaters etc. Nightly bush campfire provided, have fun making aussie damper! If you like the solitude and serenity of the mountains, we hope you will enjoy your stay with us, however long or short. Recreational Activities include panning for Gold in the area or shooting some archery arrows, looking at the southern hemisphere stars, or bushwalking / mountain bike riding. Lots of birds and wildlife, which we enjoy watching as we sit on the deck overlooking the lake every evening. Hope that you would consider visiting with us, we are willing to collect from surrounding towns, Casino, Lismore, Tenterfield. May the Angels look after you wherever you travel Merete
Drake Village, Australia
one week +

Adventure in Tallangatta, The town that moved

Tallangatta, Australia for two weeks +
4-6 hours per day 6 days a week (Sunday is a free day).
Tallangatta, Australia
two weeks +

Peaceful rural sitting.

Linton, Australia for 7 days +
We are happy to host a couple who are motivated , with a can do attitude. Helping us in our home with large garden set in 10 acres. Gardening and any other jobs that may need doing. Around 5 hours work for 6 days.We are flexible for time off. We are renovating our home. Painting.etc. Tile laying if experienced.
Linton, Australia
7 days +