Wheat/ Sheep farmer

Victoria, Australia for +
800 acres of property in North Victoria. Flood irrigation (border check) growing wheat, barley, canola, and a small number of sheep. During busy times we require someone with tractor driving experience, for harvest and planting of crops, and the rest of the year a farm hand for general work. paid position is available to someone with the right experience, or this may be the place to get that experience to go on to work on farms full time. Backpackers looking to get their 2nd year visa welcome.
Victoria, Australia
no minimum stay

Hikurangi StayPlace

Wanganui, New Zealand for Two weeks or more +
Hikurangi is a former old folks home that has been converted to backpacker/bed and breakfast accommodation. It is a modern facility and is well equipped.
Wanganui, New Zealand
Two weeks or more +

A small family run dairy farm

Yarroyweah, Australia for +
An opportunity to work on an Australian diary farm, with registered Holsteins. Visit our Facebook page "Sun Vale Holsteins" to take a look at our girls (cows), our human children are so proud of them.
Yarroyweah, Australia
no minimum stay

Permaculture and Self Reliance education organisation

Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia for 2 weeks +
Ideal volunteering for those of you keen to learn about Permaculture and Self Reliance, as we do not just teach it, we live it! We are a working farm and permaculture educational facility, and as such we ask that you work full days. You will be learning a lot during the working days, Tom will explain why we do things the way we do when he shows you a job. Saturday is a day off, with no work to be done on the farm apart from feeding the animals. On Saturdays you will be required to cater for yourself. There are usually leftovers and food will be made available for you. Minimum stay is 2 weeks, unless things aren't working out for either or both of us. We are unable to cater for special dietary needs, although we usually cook Gluten Free and have vegetarian and vegan options available, but if you have further special dietary needs (eg raw food) and would prefer to prepare your own (we will provide food), there are facilities which you will be able to use. We usually have a vegetarian breakfast and dinner which vegetarians can share with us, but our main meal (lunch) often contains meat, although we may have vegetarian options available. Wwoofing and volunteer workers' accommodation is usually in a tent (supplied by you), but it may be in other accommodation (ie backpacker type dorm accommodation in a bus) if available, depending on students on the property at the time. Our facilities are very basic, with compost toilets and wood heated showers. Jobs that need doing are harvesting, weeding and mulching in the garden, kitchen assistance and cleaning. Other jobs also need to be done as they come up, eg animal care or helping with projects. Wwoofers are encouraged to help with the early morning and late afternoon animal routines, but are not required to. We do not allow any drugs, alcohol, chemicals or cigarettes on the property. Please check any soaps, shampoos and toothpastes you bring, whether they have any sulphates or other nasties. If unsure, please ask, we do always have spare soaps, shampoos, toothpastes etc available for use on the property.
Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia
2 weeks +

Queensland Horse Farm

Gracemere, Australia for 1 week + +
We are looking for couples or people to camp or put their caravan or van on our property with the use of our power and water if need be and you are welcome to use our facilities to make your self at home while you stay. You also will have access to a fridge, BBQ, fresh eggs, fresh goat milk and veggies from the garden. I will cook you the evening meal also. In return for this we would require your help with things like painting fences, watering the garden, house work, mucking out stalls, maybe child minding depending on the people, gardening, weed control, fencing, building and just general light farm maintenance
Gracemere, Australia
1 week + +

Eco Haven & Wild Life Sanctuary

Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand for 1 week +
A Natural Paradise in the Heart of the Marlborough Sounds: 'Learn the Lifestyle' ... Your opportunity to learn about Eco-Living & Practical Survival Skills Description Facilities: For individuals, groups, tours, retreats, exchanges and trainees in 'Learning the Life Style' Tira Ora has an Eco Designed Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Stage and Kitchen that opens onto Greenhouses, because fresh is best. The main Eco-Facility has beautiful views of the Tira Ora Mountains and Private Bay. It is in the prime location to enhance the enjoyment of your stay. Tira Ora has a purpose-built arts & crafts Living space with a wooden stair case that will lead you to our 2nd Story Loft/Bunk-House with views that stretch across the land. Other sleeping options include Hammocks in various locations to enjoy the 1000's of stars during summer months and 'Pick your Campsite' for those who prefer the tenting experience. With no sound pollution, everyone enjoys their peaceful rests at Tira Ora. If you are an early riser, you can walk to the middle of the airstrip, behold the first morning light and hear the native birds orchestra that fill the Tira Ora mountains melodiously, just one of the many beautiful experiences you will cherish as you enjoy time with us in the Marlborough Sounds. We welcome people of all ages who want to be close to nature, who seek peace and refreshment from 'modern day living' those who are finding their place & purpose in the world, those who would like to make new friends, try new things, learn a variety of practical Survival Skills that will equip you for life. We welcome all those who seek new experiences and those seeking to find your worth and value in the Global-Exchange lifestyle you’ll find with other Friends from around the world at Tira Ora. Tira Ora has been said to 'Inspire a Healthier way of Living’ Provide a 'Refreshing Environment', has been described as a place for 'Inspiration & Clarity', with its peaceful setting and natural ambiance Tira-Ora provides a full cultural experience. Activities include: 'Learn the Life-Style' Projects and Skill Exchanges include: Permaculture landcare, organic growing, planting, harvesting, cooking, building, cleaning, catering, entertaining, fixing, mechanics, woodwork, firewood, painting, animal care, fishing, hunting, beach care, track clearing, Hut building, repairs, stone wall making, composting, fertilizing these combined with: Survival Skills, Arts & Crafts, Music and Dance, drama and poetry, Plant Identification, Star Identification, Mountain Climbing, Global Discussions, Communication skills, natural Spa activities among cascading waterfalls, making natural body lotions, clays and cosmetics, Swimming, Encouragement, musical instrument making, photography and Alternative Energy systems. Tira Ora Provides a full cultural experience in the setting of a New Zealand model of sustainable living. For more details you are welcome to message us, Look forward to hearing from you.
Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand
1 week +

Rancho Mastatal Sustainable Education Center

Mastatal, Costa Rica for 6 months +
www.ranchomastatal.com Nestled against the virgin rainforest of La Cangreja National Park, Rancho Mastatal Sustainable Education Center has been teaching, exploring, and promoting techniques of living harmoniously in the landscape for 12 years. Renowned for it’s natural building and delicious culinary spreads of fresh homemade food, the Ranch offers profound, innovative and authentic internships throughout the year. Interns will experience a rural Costa Rican community, delight in 325 acres of pristine forests and waterfalls, and participate in a working permaculture farm. Currently we are seeking individuals and couples for our: Summer/Fall Caretaking and Tropical Homesteading Experience June 15th to December 15th, 2014 Permaculture and Sustainable Living Apprenticeship Program January to December 2015 As a working farm and education center we provide the opportunity for hardworking, conscientious, and responsible individuals to immerse themselves in techniques and technologies related to natural building, animal husbandry, sustainable agricultural, fermentation, homesteading, and community. Our program aims at providing a balance between hands on instruction and experiential learning that allows interns to quickly take on leadership roles in our beautiful kitchen, amongst our hundreds of fruit and nut trees, with our playful goat herd, and so much more. Often a life changing experience for participants, interns routinely return year after year becoming part of the Ranch family. For a thorough description of internship life, expectations, application due dates, and costs, please see the internship page of our website. COURSE AND PROFESSIONAL CREDIT For information about getting either course or professional credit for this internship please contact us directly.
Mastatal, Costa Rica
6 months +

Very comfortable place to stay

Bhaktapur, Nepal for 2 nights +
I had a few issues with the lovely apartment where I was staying, so I told everyone I knew to find me an entire building. Well, someone did and it is a lovely guest house in a beautiful, ancient village in the Kathmandu Valley. The village is so lovely I want to help make it even better. I would love to host a volunteer to come and do a project with plastic or something in the organic farming for the village. It could even be a bio project. Really anything. I have plenty of room and you will have a great time. The restaurant isn't open yet, but I have helpers who can cook for you. This is a really sweet gig. I can't seem to find the Welcome Skills button but other skills are obvious. The computer skills need is to help promote my guest house, eBook, Nepal: A Tourist's Manual, and the NepalWebMall.com or other project.
Bhaktapur, Nepal
2 nights +

The Haiti Project at Riviere Mancelle

Garcin, Haiti for One week +
Mission Statement Empowering Haitians to make changes for their future.
Garcin, Haiti
One week +

Freedom Farm

Lopez Island, Wa. Usa for 1 week +
I have a 5 acre farm and I am building a 2500 square ft. home and I am at the sheet rock stage and finish carpentry and some hardwood flooring and some tile floors the showers and tub surrounds are tiled their is some battens to put on the siding and some finish trim on the building their is a fence to build and I would like to build a lean to. So I have two trailers and a huge garden and have much salmon and crab clams ect. to eat. Island beef and lamb, I like meditation and yoga and do not allow drunkeness on the property so we do a lot of activities other than drink.
Lopez Island, Wa. Usa
1 week +

Experience the French Pyrenees!

Sarrance, France for 2 weeks +
We are a recently opened B&B offering 5 bedrooms, 2 apartments and several reception rooms. We have a big garden by the river as well as medieval and roman ruins to explore. The property's history goes back to paleolithic, celtic and roman times as an important stage in the famous St James pilgrimage way. The chateau is gradually being restored with the help of volunteers.
Sarrance, France
2 weeks +

Taino Farm

Los Brazos, Dominican Republic for 1 month +
Taino Farm is an organic permaculture farm on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We attract volunteers from around the world who come to stay with us to learn about alternative agriculture, sustainability, living off the grid, and just straight roughin it. The site is beautiful and is host to many great examples of permaculture. We host agro-toursits (volunteers), Interns, and also enrol participants in annual courses and weekend workshops. We are one of the only examples of permaculture in the country and welcome all who are interested to get in contact to learn more and spread the seed of knowledge.
Los Brazos, Dominican Republic
1 month +