Spicy Villa Eco-Lodges

Chiang Mai, Thailand for One week +
I need volunteers to help me with any work at Spicy Villa bungalows and on our organic farm. You could be working on the farm, building bungalows, taking care of our guests, this depends on our needs at the time of your stay.
Chiang Mai, Thailand
One week +

Organic farm in Nepal

Chitwan, Nepal for 1 week +
We have been developing a big organic and herbal farm in rural setting at Sukranager village which is 170 km far away from capital city Kathmandu. The village is one of the riches village in Chitwan in term of wildlife, different culture and sports located in the adjacent of Royal Chitwan National Park which park is quite famous for one-horn rhinos, elephant, royal Bengal, tiger, chital, barking dear, ghorial crocodile, along with hundreds of varieties of birds. This village is also native to indigenous people known as Tharus; you will have opportunity to observe their culture, tradition and way of living which is very simplistic in nature. Our vision is to create a sustainable organic and herbal farm and to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable and law impact living. We have some domestic animals like buffalo, cows, ox and goat. We use our own product tea, rice, wheat, vegetable, fruit, milk, ghee and herbal medicine. We have also a bio-gas installation fueled by buffalo dung and other waste that provides enough gas for cooking throughout the year. We have the project also to make a children research center in the farm for teach english and environmental to children. We need some volunteers, local residents, guest and travellers working to help us for developing this farm and preserving the customs, traditions and environmental of the local area and live and work with nature. Staying with us: 1) volunteer should participate to cultivate and harvest seasonal vegetable, crops and herbal medicine. 2) Volunteer should help to farmer in daily activities by plowing, milking buffalo and cow, preparing bio-gas, preparing compost, feeding animals etc. 3) Volunteer are welcome to share their experience and learn Nepaleses culture and tradition. 4) Volunteer have the opportunities to participate in teaching english in community school, assisting in community health post and participating in environmental and women empowerment programs. Saturday is the day off in our farm. During the day off, Volunteer can do Jungle Adventure program in our own village. The avaliable Jungle Adventure programs are Elephant ride, Jungle walk, Elephant bath, bird watching, rhino watching, Crocodile project, Tharu Dance, Cycling village tour, Tiger Top and so on. Food and Accommodation: Typically Nepali house in the farm. Volunteer will be provided a separate room with a bed and some furniture. They are offered Nepali delicious food (Dal/bhat, vegetable) twice a day. Tea is served several time. One kitchen is also provided to volunteer if they want to cook themselves. We have 24 hours free wi-fi internet in our farm house.
Chitwan, Nepal
1 week +

Simply the best & cheapest place to stay while in Warsaw,

Warszawa, Poland for 1 week +
The hostel is located in the house of Michael Kuznetsov, built in 1892 - 93 It is very valuable for this reason that is preserved in its entirety with all the outbuildings and external design house front, and because they lived in the Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof (December 15, 1859 - April 14, 1917) is the creator of Esperanto, The Most Successful Constructed language designed for international communication, and thus the precursor of international integration, which we also spread. We want to provide you with a fantastic and peaceful stay in one of the oldest buildings in the Polish capital city. In contrast with the age of the building, here you'll find a modern guest-service that will help you in solving any problems while staying in Warsaw. We would like to give one bed in staff room to person who would like to stay with Us for some time and help Us in cleaning or looking for things at night time. In exchange We give a free bed, lot of fun, info about Poland, time in daylight to do some sightseeing and many other opportunities. Now We have renovated Our place so We have 2-times bigger hostel at summer time and in winter renovated warm place! We encourage all Minecraft players to visit Us. One of managers (Noobish Peter) still looking for odd ones to play with.. :-) Also Pro player Tomasz is deeply in Quake Live! If there are no lags ofc..
Warszawa, Poland
1 week +

Unique Work Exchange Experience

Loveland, Colorado, United States for 7 months, Apr 14 - Nov 14, 2014 +
There are multiple ways to participate in our community. The links below provide detailed information and application: Full Self Emergence: http://sunriseranch.org/spiritual-life/full-self-emergence/ Farm and Garden Internship: http://sunriseranch.org/iha/ Culinary Academy: http://sunriseranch.org/culinary-academy/
Loveland, Colorado, United States
7 months, Apr 14 - Nov 14, 2014 +

Eco Farm and Yoga Art camp

Kas, Türkiye for 2 weeks +
Hello, Thank you very much for your visiting our profile. If you are interested in applying to us please view our profile thoroughly and write to us detailing your reasons for wanting to join us and let us know if you have any medical or physical conditions (any allergy, backpain etc..) and/or, are you taking any medication? if you have any dietary restrictions? if you smoke, if you drive manuel car perhaps attach a photo too... My wife Ebru and I (Aydin) run an Eco Camp offering Yoga, Organic Farming, Art Work-shops, Trekking and Sea Activities. I am a Painter, photographer who is the member of UNESCO. My wife is an architect and we are both Yoga teachers (Indian Yoga Istitute of Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana). Our garden and lands serified by NOP CERT Organic Certification Group. Our place, is a restored old stone house and surrounding grounds in a modest and remote area of the Ancient Lycian Way. We are located in a Village which has an altitude of 500 meters and is within the Ancient Lycian Site of Phellos. Our place is a 15 minute drive to the sea in our nearest town of Kas. Kas is set upon a hillside in the Southern region of Turkey in the district of Antalya. The town is famous for it's ancient Lycian history and today boasts a small but lively fishing, yachting and tourist town. During peak season, when we have guests, we normally conduct a weekly program that runs from Sunday through to Saturday afternoon, where there are a variety of different activities, for example, one day we may base our focus in the Art-Workshop and another may be devoted to Cultural Hiking. We usually like to go swimming in the sea after our programs. Our days start with morning Yoga, and should the Guests and / or Volunteers be interested they are more than welcome to join in. We are happy to include you on our hiking, yoga, sea activities and art workshops on your time/day off (while this time you can discover Kas and the neighbouring sights), However during the times when we do not have guests we regret that these cannot always be possible. We remain at all times a working Eco Farm and therefore the general running and maintainance of the camp must always take priority. Here, we all work as a team. Volunteers will be expected to assist us with gardening, hoeing, plantinig vegetable-sapling, harvesting-pruning vagetable, grape,olives, almonds.. making vineger, olives, organising woods - rocks, building, cleaning and helping around the house etc.. whatever need in the garden; work is varied.. We have all our meals together. Our food are mostly vegetarian . We offer volunteers 3 meals per day and a share room with bed separate toilet and shower facilities.(couples stay on their own room if we have room and sometimes volunteer stay in a tent only if we be so crowed ), We are serving the same food that we normally eat and we can offer what's on the table; We do not preper/serv privatly gluten-free, raw food and vegan diet meals but If you have specific food requirements you are welcome to purchase these in town and store them in our fridge (Please do not buy items for which you need the kitchen to prepare.). We conduct a non-smoking, no-drugs place, and welcome volunteers who respect and appreciate our way of life here. WHAT SOULD I BRING? Bring your own towel, slipper, simple cloths for working & glove, torch/flashlight, bathing suit, treckking/strong shoes, had, t-shirts, shorts, sun cream, sleeping bag,.. something as a jumper-sweater for chilly/cold evening, raincoat in the Autmn and Spring period.. We look forward to hearing from you, thank you.
Kas, Türkiye
2 weeks +

Stay & help on a new permaculture farm in the central Andean

Alausi, Ecuador for 3 days +
We are a new permaculture farm, transitioning from a mono-culture traditional farming. We have many volunteer opportunities! Creative self starters with a PDC cert. (Permacuture Design Certificate) are very welcomed, of course we are also happy to welcome ALL people who are eager to learn and share in Permaculture and any aspect of organic food/medicinal herb production. We will do our best to match your unique talents and your desire for new experiences with the work we have available. Our plan is to make sure you are happy and well suited for the work we have available. What you learn will be determined by your motivation, length of stay and current projects.
Alausi, Ecuador
3 days +

Star Schools Iringa Is A Series Of Schools From Nursery

Iringa, Ruaha, Tanzania, Africa for 2 weeks +
Star Schools are based in IRINGA< TANZANIA< AFRICA. Star volunteers has its own program of activities within the three schools, continually building sustainable projects that are self running. These vary from simple inputs like a weekly spelling B to long term projects like the newly completed Library. (The only Dewey system library in a Tanzanian School) and at present is using volunteers to work alongside students to renovate a very large classroom into an African Arts Centre . Art is not part of Tanzanian curriculum. All the schools are English speaking with 100% Tanzanian students. As we work through our projects we have an updated list we send to potential volunteers. We have projects to suit all age levels and welcome experience in any form. Its our aim that you should have a rounded volunteering experience, so we also present small part time opportunities to volunteers within the community as well as Star Schools. Please contact us with your questions.
Iringa, Ruaha, Tanzania, Africa
2 weeks +

Kauai Beach House Hostel.. waterfront on a Blue Lagoon

Kapaa, Usa for 1 month +
5 hours of help every other day.
Kapaa, Usa
1 month +

We could use some help, especially in the garden

Büllingen, Belgium for The minimum stay is 4 weeks, but we prefer a longer stay. We don't need help from mid October until early March. +
Jonna is 56 years, Rien is 74. We have a big house and a big garden in a very small village (106 inhabitants). Meadows and woods are surrounding us. We like to reuse things. Rien is very skilful and can fix almost everything. He chops the wood for the heating. Jonna likes gardening, she also collect seeds and exchanges and trades the seeds all over the world. Jonna grows all the plants for the garden, so she needs help with sowing, transplanting, repotting, planting, weeding, cutting, watering, looking up plants on the internet, harvesting fruit, vegetables and seeds and all the other things that must be done in and around the garden. Rien would like some help chopping the wood and repairing/making things. We do like to have helpers that have skils in gardening or are very interested in gardening, because this is the main work we have. There is also always some renovation to do and if you like to cook, we would appreciate it if you want to cook for us so now and than. We both travelled a lot and we had volunteers from all over the world the last 4 years, so we are used to deal with different cultures and ways of life. There is no public transport in our village, but we will pick you up at and bring you to the bus station in a nearby village. We have a very friendly dog. We offer you a big room with a lot of privacy, all meals and drinks, wireless internet. We consider our helpers as a part of the family. We work about 5,5 hours per day from Monday until Saturday. We prefer a couple
Büllingen, Belgium
The minimum stay is 4 weeks, but we prefer a longer stay. We don't need help from mid October until early March. +

Welcome to our little Bungalows Resort inside the nature

San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina for 3 weeks stay or better longer. +
Hi-my name is Liliana and live in San Ignacio, Misiones province-Argentina. I built this simple tourist estabilishment together with my husband in a really beautiful, quite known tourist destination not only because of its important Jesuits ruins, but also for the breathtaking virgin nature in this green northen Argentina province Misiones between near Paraguay and Brasil on the way to the world famous wonder, marvellous Iguazu Falls ( 240km away ) and live here peacefully surrounded by pure green healthy nature. San Ignacio itself is a rather small and calm village but pretend to be a town. I am a friendly person so no doubt staying by us will be relaxing for you. (Please Not smoker and better Not vegetarian) 3 weeks stay or better longer. Apart of a clasic common short volunteer help, we also look for a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER for Longer period of stay as mainly baby sitter since we want our little Romina learns English easier!!! Well thanks for your help in the garden, but I especially need an efficient FEMALE volunteer as qualified baby sitter to help me looking after our 15 months old girl Romina and I am quite sure you will have enough time left to explore the beautiful national parks around and doing what you desire in this natural Eden. Please have a look at our pages here: www.pragamisiones.com
San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina
3 weeks stay or better longer. +

Award Winning Organic Vineyard

Les Leves Et Thoumeyragues, France for 2 weeks +
Would you like to work on a family run, organically farmed vineyard in the famous Bordeaux wine region in France? We are an English family who organically farm a vineyard of 8ha (20 acres) producing around 15,000 bottles of award winning red, white, rose and sweet wines. We do everything ourselves here from farming the vines to making and bottling the wine so it's a great opportunity to see everything that's involved in wine making. The work is mostly all outside in the vineyard and is all physical, you need to be physically fit and strong and not mind working in all weathers, the winters are cold and wet and the summers hot.
Les Leves Et Thoumeyragues, France
2 weeks +

A homely and welcoming B&B in the Tigre Delta, in the green,

Delta Tigre, Argentina for 2 weeks/10 days minimun +
We are a small B&B, 4 rooms, in the Tigre Delta, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The guests come here (mostly in the weekends) to relax from the big city. We want to be a welcoming place, personal, informal, not an anonymous hotel. People should feel at home, relaxed here. Tasks are running the B&B in practical sense: preparing the rooms (changing the sheets), doing the laundry, serving breakfast, cooking the other meals for ourselves and the guests, dishes, general cleaning of the common areas (kitchen, living, 2 bathrooms), maintaining the garden (lawnmowing, tending the small vegetable garden), making jams, making food to be freezed, small construction and repairing activities. Whatever else is needed or what you like to do.
Delta Tigre, Argentina
2 weeks/10 days minimun +